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The FareCompare mission is to show you how to find great deals when purchasing your airfare. We’ve been analyzing flight data and prices for over 10 years with in-house FareCompare proprietary technology. FareCompare uses this data to find the cheapest flights possible and most convenient itineraries available. That means the best airfares derived from the analysis of current and historical travel data is available for everyone to use for finding and booking flights.

The team of travel experts here at FareCompare is always working to find the best deals on flights from around the world. We focus on getting everyone the best possible deal on airfare. To bring you the best fares with up to date pricing and options, we search millions of itineraries each and every day.

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We post deals and travel news daily to the FareCompare Twitter account. You’ll see everything from airfare deals to insider tips for a better flight to travel hacks to save money on airfare.

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We’re always posting great deals and information to the FareCompare Twitter account. We find the best deals every day and post them as soon as we find them.

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Following FareCompare may just give you a case of wanderlust. We’re always posting deals to new and exciting places on Twitter. We find domestic deals and international deals alike and then share them with everyone. But, the deals move fast! Be sure to follow FareCompare on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest deals and to snag your next deal.

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