Worst Airline Fees Ever – Make Your Voice Heard

New and Old Airline Fees

Both AirTran and American rolled out a couple of new airline fees this week; actually, in the case of AirTran, it was a matter of boosting its first checked-bag fee to $20.

Which begs the question: what are the worst airline fees?

Some of you out there are probably saying, “All of them.”

Airline Fees and Degrees of “Worstness”

But there are degrees of worstness (yes, I know that no such word exists, but you have to admit, we need it): for example, a carryon bag fee such as Spirit’s is beyond the pale, while a cheap airline early boarding pass like Southwest’s EarlyBird may be perfectly acceptable.

Prepare to be Shocked

But which fees do you really hate to pay? Food, blankets, legroom – or bags? In case you need a refresher, check out the domestic airline fee chart, and if you haven’t flown in awhile, prepare to be shocked.

By the way, did you know most airlines were still offering free first checked-bags as recently as 2008 (which now seems a lifetime ago)? To be fair, we think there are some airline fees worth paying – but only if we’re forced to pay.

Meantime, take our poll – make your voice heard.

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We’ll let you know what everyone thinks. And if we missed your “favorite” – drop us a line and say so.


Published: August 20, 2010