Waste Time on Your Phone, Watch Airfare Drop $200 (Sometimes)

The key to saving money by wasting time on your phone (maybe by looking at a cat video) is where you waste this time. We suggest the airport.

Sometimes it will save you $200. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

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Connecting Flights: Waste Time in Airport

The point: Waste time at an airport during a connecting flight. Here’s why:

  • Connecting flights are often cheaper than nonstop flights.

This isn’t always true – that’s why you must compare prices – but connecting flights are often cheaper. Often less convenient too because you fly to one airport, sit around for a while wasting time until you finally board the next plane to your ultimate destination. Nevertheless, the savings can be worth it as you’ll see in the following examples.

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Prices: Connecting Flight vs. Nonstops

Caution: Airfare prices can and do change without notice depending on factors such as where you fly, when you book, the days of the week you travel. In other words, the prices you’re about to see may have changed.

Portland, Ore. – Newark

  • Nonstop: $887
  • One stop: $384

San Diego – New York

  • Nonstop: $433
  • One stop: $286

Houston – New York

  • Nonstop: $301
  • One stop: $156

London – Dubrovnik

  • Nonstop: $433
  • One stop: $244

How to Find the Best Deal for You

Two things to remember.

  • Look at prices: When you book a flight, compare prices for nonstops and flights with a stop (or even two).
  • Look at airport wait times: Sometimes a connecting flight may not be worth it. Example: Los Angeles-Sydney connecting flight for $1271 seems like a better deal than the $1542 nonstop, but the connecting flight’s return trip includes a 12 hour layover. That takes inconvenience to an extreme.

Perfect Time-Wasters

What to do with a phone: Look at a movie, binge-watch TV, read a book, play a game, enjoy cat videos, dog videos, music videos or check out the latest news (or hot gossip, we won’t tell). You can even use this thing to talk to a friend.

Finally, keep a charger cord handy and don’t forget a portable charger. It’s hard to waste time on a phone if it’s dead.


Updated: August 26, 2015