Vacation Time is Coming: 3 Things Travelers Should Do Now

If you plan to travel in the spring or summer, there are three things you should do now. Don’t put it off, either; procrastination is not the way to find cheap flights. P.S. Don’t miss our fun video at the end.

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3 Things Travelers Should Do Now

Ways to save a little (or a lot) so you have more to spend on fun.

1. Give Yourself a Booking Deadline

When do you want to travel? Work with (or around) these dates:

  • May 16: The last day to begin a trip and pay cheaper spring ticket prices. If you fly in the U.S. or Europe starting May 17 (or beyond), you increase your chance of paying significantly more.
  • June 9: The last day to begin a domestic trip before peak summer season ticket prices begin.
  • Aug. 23: The first day of to begin a trip with cheaper fall ticket prices, and this is true for travel in the U.S. and Europe.

For domestic flights, you can start booking three months ahead of time; for international flights, start about five months ahead.

2. Figure Out Vacation Requests

Before you put in for time-off from work, consider the following:

Cheapest days to fly: usually Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday. This does not quite fit most Americans idea of the perfect week off – from Friday night to Sunday of the following week – but it could save so much, you won’t mind. Some cheaper itineraries:

  • Tuesday to Saturday
  • Saturday to Saturday

Tip: If you can only fly one ‘cheaper’ day, at least you’ll reap half the savings.

3. Take a Good Look at Your Bag

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it bigger than you need? On most airlines, checked-bags cost money (up to $50) but carry-ons don’t. Another advantage to carry-ons: when you hold the bag, airlines can’t lose it.
  • Is it in good shape? If the zipper is broken or straps are being held together by duct tape, could be time for a new one.
  • Do you know how to pack? Check out this Sit & Zip video below. Your packing woes are over.

VIDEO: The only packing tip you’ll ever need.


Updated: February 18, 2016