Top Ten U.S. & Global Destinations for Christmas, December Flights

If you’re tired of the same old scenery, consider celebrating Christmas or New Year’s someplace special. You don’t need a holiday for an excuse, either; go ahead and create your own December tradition by flying off to a very special destination.

US: Top 10 Christmas/December Destinations

These most popular U.S. destinations, based on FareCompare searches, include an extremely abbreviated (OK, stereotypical) description to give a small taste of the fun you can have. Click the city to find a cheap flight.

  1. Orlando – Disney fun
  2. Las Vegas – Casino fun
  3. Los Angeles – Hollywood fun
  4. Denver – Snow fun
  5. Dallas – Cowboy fun
  6. Atlanta – Peachy fun
  7. Miami – Beachy fun
  8. New York – Big Apple fun
  9. Phoenix – Hot fun
  10. Chicago – Deep-dish pizza fun

World: Top 10 Christmas/December Destinations

These are FareCompare’s most-searched global destinations for December travel outside the U.S. Once again, click the city, find your flight.

  1. Bangkok – Vibrant capital of Thailand
  2. Dubai – Amazing Middle East skyline
  3. Bali (Denpasar) – Beautiful beaches
  4. Singapore – Tropical, multi-cultural city
  5. Hong Kong – Called by some the happiest place in China
  6. London – Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Queen
  7. Paris – City of lights, city of that beautiful tower
  8. Kuala Lumpur – Malaysian city of skyscrapers, colonial-era buildings
  9. Seoul – Vast metropolis with a history dating back 2,000 years
  10. Manila – The Philippines’ Pearl of the Orient

Where will you go?


Updated: December 11, 2015