You’re engaged – and dreaming of the perfect wedding. Make your dream come true with a destination wedding in Hawaii. Perfect for the honeymoon, too!


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Hawaii combines a never-ending landscape of natural beauty with a rich cultural history – and some of the prettiest beaches on the planet. And Hawaii is a sweet escape, all year long.

A “best of Hawaii” list would take volumes – consider this just a sample of some of the state’s most popular attractions.


A lot of visitors like to start with Oahu – Hawaii’s most populated island, and home to Honolulu, the Aloha State capital. Oahu is a fascinating melange of cultures beginning with the Polynesians who settled the area (and gave Hawaii its unique dance – the hula). For more recent island history, visit Iolani Palace in Honolulu – once the official residence of Hawaiian royalty and the only palace in the United States. For more history, visit nearby Pearl Harbor -where you can pay your respects to the fallen sailors at the USS Arizona Memorial in the harbor.

Perhaps you’ll stay in one of the gleaming resort hotels that define the Waikiki Beach skyline – and from there it’s an easy drive to nearby attractions. Try hiking to the top of the ancient volcanic crater known as Diamond Head, or see heart-stopping surfing exhibitions at the North Shore – or even tour a pineapple plantation.

Then, enjoy the Honolulu nightlife – and feast on the world’s cuisine at renowned restaurants showcasing Chinese, Filipino, Thai, French, and of course, native Hawaiian delicacies; and don’t forget that all-time favorite on-the-go snack – “shave ice” – available everywhere.

Island of HawaiI

Hawaii is called the Big Island – because it’s bigger than all the others combined. It’s the place to enjoy sandy beaches – a snow-capped mountain called Mauna Kea – and maybe see fiery flowing lava at Kilauea Volcano!


Maui has been a vacation favorite for years – for relaxing on the beach, and for golfing and fishing. It’s also a great place to see whales at play, or cruise the breathtaking 53-mile Hana highway. And Maui’s accommodations range from the simple to sublime – including world-class resorts and luxury spas.

Honeymoon and Wedding Services

Hawaii’s top-notch wedding planners are used to handling anything from a simply ceremony on the beach to a lavish wedding in a magnificent ballroom – plus they’re ready with all kinds of ideas for honeymoons, whether you’re into sailing or snorkeling – or simply want to lounge by the water. See the state’s official tourism website for more ideas and offers – and see how easy the wedding of a lifetime can be.


Numerous major airlines fly to Hawaii and there is excellent inter-island service as well – simply click here for more information on your island’s airport.



Published: June 8, 2009