The Cheapest Deal Zone of the Year is Now Underway (Please Don’t Miss It)

Did you know? The cheapest deal zone of the year is now underway. Do not miss it (if you do you may kick yourself later). Here’s what to know, and how to take best advantage of it.

What is the cheapest deal zone?

Cheapest deal zone: We used to call it the January Deal Zone but this year it essentially extends through March (with on significant blackout period, see below). While the following dates specifically apply to the U.S., it can be a cheap time for travel in many countries around the world as well. Note: dates are based on average airfare prices, which means these precise dates may not apply to all routes (another good reason to always compare fares and compare for different days).

  • Deal zone begins: Jan. 7 –low airfare prices
  • Deal zone blackout period: Feb. 11 to 24 – higher airfare prices
  • Deal zone ends: March 6 – prices rise

Why prices drop and rise: Customer demand. After the holidays, demand usually drops – except during the February period which includes Valentine’s Day and the U.S. holiday Presidents’ Day which is popular for getaways.

Why should I care?

You should care because of all the cheap flights, of course. The deals are out there, as a quick check of our Deals Blog shows; it includes a popular airline’s long-running sale (Jan. 3-26) with deeply discounted fares like Oakland to Reno for $39 one-way. The Deals Blog also included great roundtrip fares from several countries (as of Jan. 13 but prices can change); here are some examples:

  • London to New York, £310
  • New York to Milan, USD $467
  • Sao Paulo to Paris, BRL 1817
  • Toronto to London, CAD $660

Do I have to fly in January?

You don’t always have to fly in January; travel dates vary. For example, the international deals shown above were all good for travel in August. But many deals are good for travel in January, February and March – when many people simply don’t want to travel.

How do I find these cheap flights?

Several ways to do this, besides the Deals Blog.

  • Twitter and Facebook: We let followers know on social media where to find sales and cheap deals including FareCompare exclusives.
  • Getaway Map: This simple tool shows cheap flights around the world from your town, but best of all, it shows you precisely when you can find the very best deals. All you have to do is click ‘spring’ or ‘summer’ or name a particular month, and the Getaway Map shows the best prices for flights around the world. Even if you don’t have plans to fly, this is a fun way to see where you could go – and maybe, dream a bit.

Any other dates I should be watching?

Here are a few; again, they are specifically for U.S. flights but can act as a guide for other countries as well.

  • June 20: This is the start of the peak travel season for U.S. and transatlantic flights.
  • Mid to late-August: The start of a new deal zone; in the U.S. and other countries, children head back to school and demand for travel drops.

Remember, this cheapest deal zone won’t last forever. Good shopping and safe travels.


Published: January 17, 2017