Cheapest Days to Fly at Thanksgiving + Cheap Days for Non-U.S. Flyers

We know Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday everywhere, so we’ve included tips on cheap days to fly for travelers outside the U.S. at the end.

If you haven’t booked your Thanksgiving flights yet do so now – but not until you read this. It will only take a moment and could save you hundreds of dollars.

Thanksgiving: Cheapest Days to Fly

There are no deals at Thanksgiving. There are only cheaper and more expensive days. Try to get flights on these dates.

Best departure dates (starting with the cheapest):

  • Thursday, Nov. 26 (yes, Turkey Day)
  • Monday, Nov. 23
  • Tuesday, Nov. 24

Best return dates (starting with the cheapest)

  • Tuesday, Dec. 1
  • Monday, Nov. 30
  • Saturday, Nov. 28

Thanksgiving: Most Expensive Days

These are the days to avoid.

  • Wednesday, Nov. 25
  • Sunday, Nov. 29

A Wednesday- Sunday itinerary is almost always the most expensive for one simple reason: everyone wants to fly then and popular days are expensive days.

Compromise Days for Thanksgiving

If you have to fly Wednesday or Sunday – and we know it may be the only way to get your college kid home – try to balance it out with one of the cheaper days. You may still reap half the savings and when it comes to Thanksgiving airfares, every penny counts.

Now go book your flights and here’s hoping you can book the  cheapest days to fly at Thanksgiving.

For Travelers Outside the U.S.

Europe: The off-season months of winter (typically late October through mid-March) are generally cheap, for flights within Europe and trans-Atlantic flights. There are two general exceptions:

  • Flights around Christmas and New Year’s
  • Flights to some warm-weather beach destinations

But there are exceptions to these exceptions! Which is why you should always compare airfare prices.

Australia, New Zealand: The prime season summer months (November into January) can be more expensive, especially around Christmas and New Year’s, but there are some exceptions and we’ve seen numerous deals to North America during this period (and flights within the U.S. are very cheap during this time).

How All Travelers can Find the Cheapest Flights


Updated: October 14, 2015