The Best Days to Fly for Cheap Flights

Some days are better than others when it comes to cheap flights, so allow me to make a suggestion:

Listen as travel expert Rick Seaney and editor Anne McDermott reveal the best and worst days to fly:

Fly Tuesdays, Wednesdays

Whenever possible, fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. These two midweek days are an easy way to save on airfare. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are almost always the cheapest days of the week to fly for a rather obvious reason: hardly anyone wants to fly then. So, demand drops but airlines still have to fill all those empty seats and the solution is also obvious: they drop their prices.

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Save Up to 35% on Midweek Flights

Savings will differ, depending on where you’re flying from and to, what routes you travel – especially whether you take non-stop or connecting flights – and even the time of day you fly is a factor. So not everyone will save the same but I can say this: you could save as much as 35% over the most expensive days to fly.

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Avoid Flights on Fridays, Sundays

The most expensive days to fly are Fridays and Sundays. Demand is high then – vacationers want to get full value of their time off, and a lot of road warriors start business trips on Sundays and return for the weekend on Friday. Again, prices are higher because the demand is there.

See this for yourself on a Deals Blog. A recent Virgin America sale offered Las Vegas on special for just $39 one-way from Los Angeles, but it was good for Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. On the other hand a recent American Airlines sale allowed flights on any days – except Fridays and Sundays.

The Saturday Wild Card

There is a third day to fly that is often a runner-up in the cheapness stakes: Saturday. Again, demand is down and so are prices – usually.

A final suggestion: If you can’t take-off and return, split the difference and fly at least one cheap day. At least you’ll reap half the savings, and that’s got to make your wallet feel good.


Published: January 22, 2013