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Time is money at Thanksgiving and the longer you delay, the more you’ll pay. Procrastinating buying your ticket is going to cost you. Flight prices rise by $4 every day for Thanksgiving airfare. This Thanksgiving Procrastination Guide will show you several ways to cut costs.

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What You’ll Pay If You Delay

Every day you procrastinate adds an additional charge for each and every day you delay. An analysis of FareCompare Thanksgiving data from this year and last revealed the following:

  • 2016: Fares rose anaverage of $6 per day.
  • 2017: Fares are rising anaverage of $4 per day

Some destinations are more expensive to fly to for Thanksgiving.  The two with the largest average daily hikes were Dallas ($10+) and Los Angeles ($14+) for 2016.

Here are some of the more expensive routes and the average daily hikes.

  • Atlanta – Denver, $6+
  • Chicago – Denver, $4+
  • Denver – Dallas, $5+
  • Los Angeles – Atlanta, $5+
  • New York – Los Angeles, $4+

Tip: Avoid paying an extra $6 a day by purchasing your airfare now. And be sure to compare airfares because no single airline always has the best deal.

How to Find Deals

At Thanksgiving, some will fly to Grandma’s house while others just want to get away. These tools will help both kinds of travelers.

  • Thanksgiving Travel Guide: Click the region you’ll visit at Thanksgiving to see which are the cheapest days to fly there; you’ll also see which airline has the most deals to this region. Tip: The cheapest day to fly at Thanksgiving is often on the holiday itself, Nov. 23.
  • Getaway Map: If you’re flexible on where to go and when to fly, this is the map for you. Add the month (or season) you’d like to fly, then watch as deals pop-up instantly – for destinations around the world. Tip: The cheapest days to fly during non-holiday periods in the U.S. is often Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.
  • Look at Europe: Search for deals from your city in late November by doing a comparison search or using the Getaway Map. Tip: We recently found several round-trip fares to Europe for under $400 including Chicago to Paris, Los Angeles to Barcelona and New York to Amsterdam.

Other Ways to Cut Thanksgiving Travel Costs

These tips can save money during holidays, or anytime.

  •       Fly to/from hubs: Bigger airports often have cheaper fares than small or mid-size cities.
  •       Accept some inconvenienceWe all prefer non-stop flights but connections and early/late departure times can be cheaper.
  •       Use a carry-on bag: Most airlines don’t charge a baggage fee for a carry-on; even better, bags that travel by your side don’t get lost.

Now, no more delays; buy your tickets now. And, wherever you fly, we hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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