Spring Break Vacation Ideas

Time to start booking a spring break trip. Or mini-vacation. Or weekend getaway. Why? Because this is a great time to find cheap flights and this list of spring break vacation ideas will get you started.

Spring Break Vacation Ideas

As always, there are tons of fun destinations around the world but these are our picks based on staff recommendations as well as friends and family. Remember, before you ding your credit card, be sure to compare airfare first. Then, find a hotel deal.

Exotic Destinations

Camel rides near Marrakesh

Spring break is a great time to get out of your rut and try something new. Popular exotic destinations include Marrakech, Morocco; Bali, Indonesia; and Phuket, Thailand. Imagine riding a camel in the desert near  Marrakech, watching a fire dance in Bali or just lazing on a beautiful beach like the ones in Phuket.

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2019 Spring Break Vacation Ideas - Naxos
Naxos, Greece

The classic spring break destination. Everyone loves sun, sand, and surf and luckily there are beautiful beaches all over the world. Head to Miami to enjoy some Florida sunshine along with the South Beach club scene. Or check out the West Coast for a relaxing time at Coronado Beach near San Diego. For an island experience, consider Ibiza off the coast of Spain or Naxos, Greece; both offer plenty of fun activities like snorkeling and boating plus lovely scenery and excellent seafood.

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Big Cities

2019 Spring Break Vacation Ideas - Rome

Some big cities have it all: Unusual museums, an amazing array of restaurants, theater and nightlife as well world-class attractions like the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower. Popular cities for spring break travelers include Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, London and Rome. Each one is different, each one is exciting, each one is an absolute must-see.

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Family Destinations

Theme park rides

More and more folks are doing Spring Break family trips. May we suggest Orlando and Los Angeles for those who love amusement parks? These cities feature several, including popular Disney and Universal parks. Do you prefer beautiful scenery? Wyoming’s Jackson Hole is gorgeous year-round, and nothing beats the Grand Canyon for stunning views (fly to Phoenix or Las Vegas). We also love Savannah, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana for their elegant beauty and excellent cuisine, and both offer fun and quirky excursions for aficionados of everything from stunning architecture to ghost tours. Tip: Check out visitor information sites for your destination; for example, New Orleans’ official tourism site lists of must-see attractions as well as free things to do.

And don’t forget about multiple destination cruises! Cruises are a great way to enjoy time with the family and we’ve got travel tips to help you get to the port, too.

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Plan now

It’s definitely not too early to start planning your next adventure. We’ve already grabbed the deals for you for the top destinations for Spring Break this year.

Top Destinations for Spring Break


Still not sure where you want to go? Worldwide deals can always be found on the Getaway Map! And be sure to check out all the information on baggage fees in  FareCompare’s Baggage Fee Chart to see associated costs for traveling this spring break. Safe travels!

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