Helping Oprah Find Cheap Deals on Flights to Australia

Let’s Help Oprah Find Some Cheap Deals to Oz

I sure hope those members of Oprah’s studio audience get along with each other. They’re going to be spending a lot of time together in Australia.

Unless you’ve been trapped under a mountain of lost luggage in some dusty corner of an airport terminal, I’m sure you heard that Oprah is sending about 300 members of her studio audience on an all expenses-paid trip to Australia in December.

Save Money with the FareCompare Flexible Calendar

So, we figured – let’s help her out by scouting up some deals. Here’s what we found a couple of hours ago on the FareCompare Flexible Calendar:

Note that the prices change throughout the month – that’s why it’s so important to use these calendars, so you know when to fly to get the cheapest deals.

Saving Oprah Money with Deals on Flights

In the above chart, you’ll see the cheapest flights from Chicago (Oprah’s home base) to Sydney were about $1450 roundtrip. But also notice that the flights are as high as, well just about $3250. So by using the FareCompare Flexible Calendar, Oprah has just saved $1,800 on a single airline ticket.

Multiply that by 300, and we have just saved Oprah $540,000 – more than half a million dollars!

Another Easy Way to Save – Airfare Alerts

As we were looking at flights, we noticed the prices were going up and down, which is why it’s so important to set airfare alerts so you learn instantly when prices drop on your favorite trip. We show you how to set alerts three ways – pick the one that’s best for you. And it’s so easy to do, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been setting alerts all along.

Never Mind, Oprah’s Not Paying

Oh, wait.

According to various news reports, it appears that the Australian government is picking up at least part of the tab for much of this trip.

You Have Friends in High Places, Too

That’s another way to save: having friends in high places – but you do, too. You’ve got FareCompare.


Published: September 14, 2010