Magical Dates to Fly in 2012 and 2013

Even if you don’t believe in magic, I think you’ll find something awe-inspiring about the following dates and airfare prices – and it’s no illusion. Take a look at these suggestions for good days to fly with good to great airfares.

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Magical Flight Dates

1. November 22nd – Thanksgiving Day

Finding a cheap flight for Thanksgiving is impossible – the trick is find the best of the bad deals. The very best day to fly is Thanksgiving Day. Travel early and you’ll get to the table in plenty of time for the turkey plus you’ll avoid crowded airports and overly-packed planes.

Tip: Try to avoid flying on the Wednesday before the holiday and the Sunday and Monday after – it doesn’t take a magician to know these are the most expensive days of the Thanksgiving travel season.

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2. December 18th – Last cheap date before Christmas

The last cheap travel period before Christmas begins on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and continues through about Dec. 18. Beginning on Dec. 19, prices start rising by about 30 percent and more for the next two weeks or so.

Tip: Like Thanksgiving Day, there will be a price break on the holiday itself including departures on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

3. March 20th – Last date to save big on Europe

Starting March 21, prices to Europe rise by about 20 percent or more, so fly before then and save.

Tip: Fly Sunday through Thursday and avoid the extra you’ll pay for weekend departures.

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4. June 3rd – Tokyo deal

This is the last day to score a great deal from the West Coast to Tokyo on one of the world’s best airlines (Singapore) flying the world’s biggest airplane (the A380): total price $852 round-trip. We’ve seen tickets on United and Delta going for twice the price.

Tip: Buy a cheap ticket to the coast and hang out for a day – a good way to avoid missing a connection due to last-minute weather problems – then, get ready for a truly magical flying experience.


Published: October 16, 2012