How to Find Cheap Flights for Military Members

Military members on active duty have to travel frequently. So, to ease things a bit for them (and to thank them for serving our country), many airlines, airports and other organizations try to make travel smoother for those in the military whenever they travel by air. American Airlines has an ad campaign titled “Thank You” that pays tribute to those who serve here and abroad that you can watch on YouTube.

Most airlines waive checked luggage fees for active duty military personnel, and many waive those fees for military dependents traveling on orders. American Airlines allows those in the military free admission to its AA Admirals Club lounges, and Delta allows them to use their first class waiting lounges in most airports.

If you are in the military, you should know what perks and discounts are available to you when you search for cheap flights. Here is a breakdown to help you out.



Published: March 28, 2012