How Flying Tired Can Save You Up to 50% Off Airline Tickets

This is about making the fatigue factor work for you. If you don’t mind flying tired – meaning, a longish day in the air on connecting flights – you may be able to save as much as 50 percent on airfare. Sometimes even more.

Start comparing non-stops vs. connecting flights right now

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Save with a Stop

Here are a few examples from a range of departure cities.

Small town: Pocatello, Idaho to  Seattle

  • Non-stop: $445
  • One stop:  $394

What you save: $51 per ticket, or $200+ for a family of four.

Medium city: Dayton, Ohio to Denver

  • Non-stop: $615
  • One-stop: $447

What you save: $168 per ticket.

Big city: Dallas to London

  • Non-stop:  $2053
  • One stop: $1009

What you save: $1,044 per ticket – more than 50 percent – but we must also point out that this was the price of the fare purchased within 7 days of departure. However, we did see similar savings on fares purchased with 14 days of travel and you can see more on that in my latest column for USA Today.

You Have to Compare Prices

Don’t assume this will be the case on every flight to every destination. It varies by routes, departure cities and more. But you won’t know if you can save – and how much – until you compare ticket prices, non-stops vs. connecting routes. Give it a try.


Published: July 16, 2014