Find Cheap Flights to Europe – Now

If you haven’t noticed, Europe is cheap right now. Winter is typically the cheapest time to enjoy London, Paris and Rome (and more) but the prices we’re currently seeing appear to be historical lows.

Cheap Flights to Europe from World Cities

We’re seeing these deals to Europe from cities all over the the world, and here are some examples of prices found Dec. 5 using FareCompare’s Getaway Map (more on the map below).

Note: Fares are round-trip prices in U.S. dollars, for travel in January.

From the U.S.

  • Boston to London, $332
  • Chicago to Rome, $526
  • New York to Barcelona, $405
  • Los Angeles to London, $386
  • San Francisco to Stockholm, $599

From other regions of the world

  • Beijing to Prague, $391
  • Dubai to Paris, $360
  • Frankfurt to Barcelona, $83
  • Johannesburg to Rome, $463
  • London to Paris, $72
  • Mexico City to London, $611
  • Moscow to Berlin, $160
  • Paris to Naples, $70
  • Santiago, Chile to Venice, $880
  • Sydney to Rome, $981

How to Find Cheap Flights to Europe

The summer months of June through August are usually the most expensive time to fly while the cheapest season generally includes the winter months from November through early March. Not sure where to go? Find ideas on the Getaway Map.

How to find Europe deals

  • Always compare airfares: No airline always has the best price and if you don’t shop an airfare comparison site, you could pay too much.
  • Shop the Getaway Map: See which cities in Europe are cheapest from your town at a glance at the Getaway Map. Plus, the map does the airfare comparisons for you, and it’s real easy to use.
  • Bag tip: Use a carry-on bag. I do, even on a ten day trip to Europe and so does my wife and daughter, for two good reasons: When a bag travels by your side on the plane, it won’t get lost; plus, hopping on trains and metros (subways) is a lot easier when you aren’t lugging a big bag.

Happy travels.


Published: December 6, 2016