Track Airfare Worldwide with FareCompare Fare Alerts

FareCompare Fare Alerts allow you to track airfare to your favorite worldwide destinations in real time. It’s the easiest, fastest way to find cheap flights. For instance, do you often find yourself asking these questions?

  • How can I find out when flight prices change?
  • Why can’t I find an available ticket at the price I saw online?
  • Do I have to check several different websites to find the cheapest flight to my destination?

We understand these questions, and FareCompare Fare Alerts provides a solution to all three problems. Our alerts are powered by a proprietary airfare database aimed at delivering the cheapest flights to you the moment prices drop. You might be a frequent flyer; you might fly once every few years. Regardless of how often you fly, our alerts will ensure you never overpay for airfare.

  • Worldwide Airfare Tracking – Track 500+ airlines from your hometown to destinations close to home or across the globe.
  • Seats Verified – FareCompare Fare Alerts are always vetted for seat availability. Act fast, availability is fleeting.
  • Facebook Connect – Signup or login with your Facebook login and share flight deals with your friends and family.
  • iPhone App – Track airfare with your iPhone and get ‘push’ notifications the instant prices change

Become a member of FareCompare and start tracking airfare to your favorite cities. Sign up today! It’s free, it’s easy and it will save you time and money.

Watch this quick video and find out more about how FareCompare alerts are different:



Published: July 12, 2011