Looking to share an adventure with Dad for Father’s Day? Look no further than Australia – the great big country, forever bursting with adventure.


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If you’re looking for something completely different, yet happily familiar – a place of beaches and deserts and rain forests – home to exotic animals, and some of the friendliest people on earth – you’re looking for Australia.

Vacation Adventures

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef off Queensland, the largest stretch of coral on earth – can actually be seen from space! And it offers world class diving opportunities, allowing you to glide through coral canyons and commune with exotic sea creatures.

Explore Australia’s Outback – camp under the stars in the Northern Territory or travel the desert of New South Wales or enjoy the “Wild West” landscapes of Western Australia and cheer the local cowboys at the rodeo. You’ll understand why author Bill Bryson titled his witty ode to Australia, “In a Sunburned Country”.

Down by Adelaide, you might want to head for Kangaroo Island, easily reached by ferry; here you’ll see platypus, koalas, penguins and yes, kangaroos – all in the wild. And from May to November, Australia has many of the best whale-watching venues on earth.

But don’t think Australia is only for the outdoor adventurer – its great cities sparkle with festive nightlife and a lively arts scene. Sydney, of course is home to the world famous Opera House as well as excellent shopping and dining venues. You must not miss the harbor views at night, and be sure to make the Bondi to Coogee walk, past sandstone cliffs offering gorgeous views of the Pacific.

Some quick snapshots of other cities: Melbourne is known for its art scene, Adelaide for its festivals and wineries, Perth is home to spacious parks and Swan Valley wineries, and Canberra, Australia’s capital, is dotted with monuments, and – well there are so many more cities – it is a very big country, and worth taking the time to explore.

Even if you don’t have much time, numerous tours are available to hit the highlights – including the “One Week Walkabout” tour arranged by the nation’s tourism office.

Things you didn’t know about Australia? It has the highest number of wild camels in the world, and claims the longest golf course on earth.


Australia has excellent airline service throughout the country – just click here for more information on your destination city’s airport.




Published: June 8, 2009