TIP: Attention, graduates! You’ve been working hard – now’s the time for a final fling – in Mexico. Soak up some sun and fun with friends – you deserve it!


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Mexico is a land of enchantment – from the rugged mountains in the north to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and Pacific, to the wonders of the Mayan world- and everywhere you go, you’ll find smiling people, and sensational food.

The Beach Vacation

The Yucatan Peninsula in southeast Mexico combines the best of the old and new world. Sometimes called the Gateway to the Mayan civilization, this tropical spot is home to fascinating archeological sites and nature preserves. Then there’s the city of Cancun, which boasts luxurious resorts, shimmering white sand beaches, and exciting clubs and nightlife – you don’t visit Cancun – you celebrate it.

Over on the Pacific side of the country are more famed vacation spots – including Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta – but don’t miss the cities of Guadalajara and Taxco. Guadalajara offers outstanding architecture and unique crafts including the famous pottery of nearby Tonala – and did we mention Guadalajara is the birthplace of tequila? In Taxco, marvel at the striking colonial buildings, but do not miss shopping for jewelry – Taxco has long been the place to go for exquisite Mexican silver.

Mexico City

The nation’s capital – the oldest metropolis in North America – boasts many enticements including the Centro Historico district with its cathedral and palaces (don’t miss the Diego Rivera murals in the Palacio Nacional) and its world class cultural and art museums.

And make time for the many shopping opportunities – Mexico City hosts numerous bazaars and craft markets featuring something for everyone. And did you know – in the popular neighborhood of Xochimilco – you can actually ride colorful gondolas throughout its canals?

Adventures in Mexico

What else can you do in Mexico? Just about anything: golf against the background of a tropical jungle; climb a mountain with an elevation above 18,000 feet; fish for Yellow Fin Tuna or Swordfish; enjoy a festival as you dance to a mariachi band; visit an ancient Aztec city and climb the ruins of a sacred temple; or go to a luxury spa and experience the ancient healing properties of a temazcal steam bath and massage.

Dining in Mexico

Savor one of the most festive experiences of Mexican life – dining out. Food is a fiesta here, and real Mexican cuisine is a complex blend of many native ingredients, including maize, tomatoes, limes, avocado, papaya, chocolate – and yes, the chili (watch out for the Yucatan’s Habanero chili – it is fiery).


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Published: June 4, 2009