Best Tips to Find Cheap Flights to Europe


Why go to Europe? Romantic cities, ancient castles, Mediterranean beaches, wonderful food and lots of airfare deals! We’ll help you grab them with our best tips to find cheap flights to Europe.

Fly Cheap Airlines

There are many discounter carriers that fly across the Atlantic including Norwegian and Wow that often have very good prices, but they don’t always have the best deal! In fact, no single airline always has the cheapest prices; sometimes it’ll be a big airline, sometimes, a smaller one. This means you must compare fares before you make your purchase. The good news is, comparing fares to find the cheapest prices only take a few seconds.

Tip: If you do fly a discount carrier, remember that many of these have lots of fees, for things like carry-on bags and even snacks and soft drinks; factor these extras into the price of your ticket.

Fly from Cheap Departure Cities

If you live in a large metropolis like New York or Chicago or Los Angeles, you won’t have much trouble finding good prices to Europe; airlines typically off their best deals to cities with large hub-type airports. But that doesn’t mean residents in smaller towns are totally out of luck. A few things to try:

Drive to a bigger airport: If there is a large, hub that’s two, three, or even four hours drive-time from your home, compare the fares from the big city with those of your hometown to see if the long drive is worth it.

Fly to a bigger airport: If there is no big airport within driving distance, see if you can find a really cheap deal to a hub on a discount carrier (maybe Frontier or Spirit in the U.S.). Then, fly to Europe on the airline with the great transatlantic deal to Europe.

Tip: If you do take two different airlines, be certain to leave several hours between your arrival at the big airport and take-off to Europe. You don’t want to risk missing your flight to Europe because of a delayed flight.

Fly Cheap Seasons

The cheapest seasons of Europe? Take a look:

  • Cheap: Spring – late March into early to mid-June
  • Cheaper: Fall – late August or early September through November
  • Cheapest: Winter – December to mid-March

Tip: If you must go in summer, fly in early June or late August (even September) and you’ll save some money over the peak period of late June, July and early August. If you must fly during the most popular periods, you can still find some deals by using the Getaway Map tool, which locates the cheapest days to fly within specific months.

Fly Cheap Routes

We all love the speed and convenience of nonstop flights, but it is not always the cheapest way to fly. In fact, connecting flights (flights with a stop or two) can sometimes save as much as 50% over nonstops.

Tip: Compare prices for direct flights as well as flights that include a stop or two; the savings might be worth the inconvenience.

Fly Cheap Days

Generally speaking, weekdays (Monday through Friday) are often cheaper than weekends (Saturday and Sunday); this can be true for both transatlantic flights and flights within Europe. However, double-check this by comparing fares on different days.

Tip: The Getaway Map tool can help with this, too.

Fly to Cheap Destinations

Prices to many cities in Europe have come way down in recent years, with the most dramatic price-drops occurring in winter.  But there are still deals for summer! They may not be cheap from every departure city, but they are cheap for many.


Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm





Tip: If your dream destination isn’t on the cheap list, fly to a city that is, then take a train or cheap flight to your ultimate destination.

Ready to get planning?

It’s definitely not too early to start planning your next adventure. We’ve already grabbed deals for you to Europe. Plus, here are the cheapest days to fly through summer.

Best Tips to Find Cheap Flights to Europe


For hotel accommodations, you’ll want to check out deals before you go. If you need help with finding a hotel deal, check out this article on how to find a hotel deal.

Final tips

Worldwide deals can always be found on the Getaway Map. Find information on baggage fees in FareCompare’s Baggage Fee Chart. Finally, before you start to pack, check out this list of things you won’t need to bring). Safe travels!

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