Best Tips to Find Cheap Flights to Europe

Published by Rick Seaney on February 12, 2020

Why go to Europe? Ancient castles, romantic cities, Mediterranean beaches, wonderful food and drink. Plus, these days, lots of airfare deals. We’ll help you book them with our best tips to find cheap flights to Europe.

Fly Cheap Airlines

There are discount carriers that fly across the Atlantic such as Norwegian but currently, several major airlines are also offering very good deals to Europe. Tip: No single airline always has the cheapest price, so you have to shop a comparison search site like FareCompare. If you don’t, you could pay too much.


Fly Cheap Departure Cities

If you live in a large metropolis like New York or Chicago or Los Angeles, you won’t have much trouble finding good prices to Europe; airlines typically off their best deals to/from cities with large hub-type airports. But that doesn’t mean residents in smaller towns are totally out of luck. A few things to try:

Drive to a bigger airport: If there is a mega-airport two, three, or even four hours drive away from you, compare the fares from the big city with those of your hometown to see if a long drive is worth it.

Book two separate flights: If there is no big airport within driving distance, see if you can find cheap airfare to New York or another major hub (maybe on Frontier or Spirit or another discount airline). Then, find a deal to Europe from the hub.

Give yourself plenty of time: Whether you drive+fly or take two separate flights, be certain to leave several hours between your arrival at the big airport and take-off to Europe. You don’t want to risk missing your flight to Europe because you were delayed getting to the big airport.

Fly Cheap Seasons

A quick guide to the cheapest seasons of Europe:

  • Spring. Tickets to Europe are relatively cheap for flights from late March through early June.
  • Fall. Even cheaper than spring; fly late August or early September through November.
  • Winter. The cheapest time of all for Europe; fly from December through mid-March.

Tip: Summer has the most expensive flights but if that’s the only time you have available, try to fly in early June or late August and you’ll see some savings. It’s also often cheaper to fly weekdays instead of weekends. Price out different itineraries to see with is cheapest for you.

Fly Cheap Routes

We all love the speed and convenience of nonstop flights, but it is not always the cheapest way to fly. In fact, connecting flights (flights with a stop or two) can sometimes save as much as 50% over nonstops. Tip: Compare prices for nonstop as well as connecting flights; the savings might be worth the inconvenience.

Fly to Cheap Destinations

While travel to Europe has gotten cheap in recent years, but some cities are cheaper than others and these include Dublin, London, Madrid & Barcelona, Paris, even Rome. But what if you want to see a city that’s not on this list? Fly into a big European hub, then fly to your ultimate destination on a local discount carrier or take the train (European trains can be quick, cheap and frequently offer awesome views). In other words, head to Rome then take a train to Florence or Venice. Or both!

Find a current deal

Now that you know the best tips to find cheap flights to Europe, you can begin shopping. Let’s start off with a few deals we handpicked just for you.

Got your deal? Time to check out hotel accommodations, Have a wonderful trip.

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