Best Time to Fly to London

Finding the best airfare deals on flights to London is a little different than finding the lowest fares for domestic travel.

Airfare pricing to London (and international destinations in general) centers on several (four or five) pricing windows. This means, in some cases, flights to London that are only a day or two apart could vary significantly in price. If you plan your trip right, you could save hundreds of dollars.

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These airfare pricing windows are based on demand, and they are seasonal. Summer sees the highest demand and the highest prices, and fall brings lower fares. If you can, plan a trip to London during this “off-season.”

There are still specific dates within the seasons that can prove cheaper than others. For instance, airfare prices from one week in October to the next could see a drop of close to $100 r/t (for a breakdown on summer and fall airfare pricing windows to Europe, read When Do Prices Drop for Summer/Fall Europe Air Travel?).


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Airfare Deals on Flights to London

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Published: August 9, 2010