Best Sites for Airfare Promo Codes

Airfare Promo Codes

Do you feel like you’re missing out when you book a flight online, see a box for a “promo code,” and have nothing to enter? It feels as if everyone except you knows the secret handshake and is privy to special information about the cheapest flights.

Fortunately, promo codes aren’t all that hard to come by if you can spare a little quality time with your computer before booking online. Here are five good sources for airfare promo codes.

We have put together the top promotional code sites on the Web, all with thriving communities of at least 100,000 deal-seeking visitors per month. Each site aggregates promo codes for all kinds of online shopping, not just airfares. All make it easy to search for industry-specific promo codes:


This is one of the biggest all-around promo code sites. Search according to a specific airline or a more general category, like airfares or travel.


Here you’ll find promo codes, cash back offers, and industry specific forums where people share their finds. Travel forum threads help you navigate special offers and elucidate complicated terms and conditions.


NEW: This site includes promo codes and more on hotels and airline deals. Added April 11, 2016.


This site encourages user participation and checks frequently to ensure that the codes are operational. Codes that don’t work for more than three days, or fail more than a certain percentage of the time, are automatically removed from the site.


In addition to organizing by retailer and retail sector, promo codes on can be rated up or down by users, and the most popular deals are aggregated together.

Go to the homepage for any of these sites and enter “airlines,” “travel,” “airfares,” or the name of the particular airline into the search box. From there, you’ll be directed to promotional codes and discount offers (if any).

If you try out a promo code and find that it doesn’t work, you can help other shoppers by going back to the site the promo code came from and leaving a comment to that effect. The same is true if you try out an older promo code and find out that it still works.

Of course, signing up for FareCompare’s real time airfare alerts is another terrific way to be the first to find out when fares drop. Paired up with promo codes, airfare alerts let you book some of the best airfare deals out there.


Updated: April 11, 2016