Avoid Hidden Costs When you Fly

Avoid Hidden Costs When you Fly

What are the hidden costs of flying?

Baggage fees, so pack light and use your carry-on.

There is no “standard” size for carry-on baggage – each airlne sets its own policy, so we have put web links and size information for most of the popular worldwide airlines in one handy chart.

Don’t end up at the airport with a bag that must be checked for $15 – plus a bag you thought you could carry on, that must now be sent back outside the security lines to be checked – with the result that you end up with two checked bags costing $40 ($15 first, $25 second). Measurement is in maximum “Linear Inches” which is Length + Width + Height (total inches).

Don’t guess what that bag might cost you.Visit FareCompare Labs now for an Extensive Airline Carry-On Baggage Chart
Check out these tips that can help save more you when you fly:
Book multi-passenger trips one-at a time

Airline reservation systems require everyone on the same booking to fly at the same price. If you book tickets one-at a time, and you may find cheaper individual fares. Just double-check seat assignments if you must sit with your other passengers.

Check the rules and specific airlines for other unexpected fees. On some cheap European airlines, you can carry-on one item only, and that one item could be a handbag or a laptop – anything else must be checked, for a fee.
Finally, avoid the high cost of airport food Especially if you’re traveling with kids. Pack a snack – a big snack.


Published: January 7, 2009