And the Top Destination for 2017 is…

The top destination for 2017? It depends on what you like and what you want to spend but for my money, the place to go this year is Europe. If you don’t go you may regret it. Reason: Airfares are just so darn cheap!

You don’t have to go in winter to find a cheap deal, either. This year we’re seeing unusually good fares throughout the year, deals from the U.S., Asia and Australia, South America and more. We’re also seeing plenty of good deals from Europe to the U.S.

How to Find Cheap Flights to Europe

Three of the best ways to find cheap flights to Europe:

  1. Getaway Map: This allows you to see a wide range of European cities and airfares from your hometown, at a glance. See what’s high and what’s low and choose accordingly. All the deals listed below were found Jan. 24 on the FareCompare Getaway Map and are good for travel in April (but remember, fares can change without notice). Check out the Getaway Map because it’s one of the easiest and  most enjoyable shopping tools you’ll ever try.
  2. Compare airfares: No single airline always has the best deal, whether you’re flying to Los Angeles or London, so you should always compare fares.
  3. Set airfare alerts: Let the deals come to you by setting airfare alerts for specific destinations. If you like what you see, book quickly because others set alerts, too.

Cheap Flights to Europe in April

All fares are roundtrip prices in local currency (unless otherwise specified) and all were found Jan. 24, 2017. They include discount airlines and big-name carriers like United and British Airways.

U.S. to Europe

  • NY to Barcelona, $394
  • NY to London $441
  • NY to Glasgow $486
  • Chicago to Copenhagen $436
  • Chicago to Paris $490
  • Chicago to Rome, $538
  • Los Angeles to Copenhagen, $451
  • Los Angeles to London, $525
  • Los Angeles to Venice, $583

From South America

  • Buenos Aires to Lisbon, US $928
  • Sao Paulo to Barcelona, BRL 2014

From Asia and Australia

  • Singapore to Amsterdam, SGD 762
  • Sydney to Barcelona, AUD 892

Europe to the U.S.

  • London to Oakland/San Francisco, £243
  • London to New York, £329
  • London to Orlando, £439
  • Paris to Philadelphia, €399
  • Paris to Boston €428
  • Paris to Los Angeles, €465

Did you know? Sometimes flights to Europe can be cheaper than U.S. domestic flights. We found a Miami-Seattle flight for travel in April for $448 roundtrip, which is more expensive than some of the fares to Europe. Again, if you don’t fly to Europe this year, you might regret it.

Start with the Getaway Map to see what’s cheap from your town, but hurry – prices are at historic lows and could change at any time. If you wait, you may be too late.


Updated: January 27, 2017