80 Trips Around the World

Around the World in 80 Ways

Want to go around the world but don’t know where to start? FareCompare has a few ideas – in fact, we have 80. We will even give you the exact routes. Here are 80 different ’round the world trips, each of which stop on six of the seven continents. (Sure, you can go to Antarctica, but come on, seriously?)


1. Canned Tour 1:

Madrid>New York>Chicago>Mexico City>São Paulo>Santiago de Chile>Auckland>Sydney>Cairns>Tokyo>Hong Kong>Johannesburg>Cape Town>London>Zurich>Madrid


2. Canned Tour 2:

Australia >Santiago>Rio de Janeiro>Lima, Peru>Toronto>New York>London> Athens>Rome>Ho Chi Minh>Tokyo>Casablanca, Morocco>Nairobi, Kenya>Australia


3. Cool Cities Tour:

New York City>Lisbon, Portugal>Nairobi, Kenya>Bangkok>Brisbane>Quito, Ecuador>New York


4. Drinking Tour:

Milwaukee>Dublin>Windhoek, Namibia>Hong Kong>Cairns (“Where Dignity Dies!” according to TNTdownunder.com)>Rio de Janeiro>Milwaukee


5. Incredibly Long Tour for Those with Money and Time to Burn:

Dallas>Sao Paulo>Santiago>Auckland>Sydney>Cairns>Tokyo>Hong Kong>Johannesburg> Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe>London>Zurich>Madrid>New York>Chicago>Dallas


6. Tour that Stays Close to the Equator:

Atlanta>Georgetown, Guyana>Casablanca, Morocco>Rome>Mumbai>Sydney>Atlanta


7. Tour that Stays Away from the Equator:

Anchorage>Novosibirsk>Wellington, NZ>St. Petersburg, Russia>Cape Town>Buenos Aires>Anchorage


8. Tour Where They Will Understand English Most of the Time:

Atlanta>London>Johannesburg, South Africa>Delhi>Christchurch, NZ>Caracas, Venezuela>Atlanta


9. Culture Shock Tour:

Washington, D.C.>Algiers>Istanbul>Beijing>Canberra (Fly to Sydney, then drive)>Tegucigalpa, Honduras> Washington, D.C.


10. The Sex Tour:

Las Vegas>Bangkok>Melbourne>Lagos, Nigeria>Prague, Czech Republic>Caracas, Venezuela>Las Vegas


11. Six-Continent Cycling Tour ($95,000) Starts in November 2012. Countries include:

Ireland – France – Germany – Austria – Slovenia – Italy – Turkey – Israel – Jordan – Egypt – Kenya – South Africa – Madagascar – India – Bhutan – Thailand – Laos – Viet Nam – Cambodia – Indonesia – Australia – French Polynesia – Chile – Argentina – Peru – Costa Rica – Mexico


12. The Prison Tour.

Start by touring Alacatraz near San Francisco. From there, head to the UK to visit the Tower of London. Next is the Bukhara Zindan prison in Uzbekistan. From there, hit the famous Robben Island prison off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. Which may or may not prepare you for Port Arthur near Hobart, Tasmania. Before heading home, visit the prison in Ushwaia in the Patagonia region of Argentina.


13. The $3.99 Armchair Tour. This around-the-world video goes everywhere:

Manhattan, Rio de Janeiro, Panama Canal, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Senegal, Barcelona, Rome and the fjords of Norway.


14. The “We Like Americans” Tour:

Minneapolis, Minn.>Berlin, Germany>Tunis, Tunisia>Hong Kong>Perth, Australia>San José, Costa Rica>Minneapolis


15. The “We Hate Americans” Tour:

New York City>Antwerp, Belgium>Abu Dhabi, UAE>Shanghai, China>Adelaide, Australia*>Guatemala City, Guatemala>New York City. (*It is apparently difficult to find unfriendly people in Australia. Adelaide is considered one of the friendliest cities anywhere, so is included here as an antidote to the rest of the tour.)


16. The Movie Set Tour:

New York City>Casablanca, Morocco>Moscow>Tokyo>Sydney>Buenos Aires, Argentina>New York.


17. Amazing Animals (Captive) Tour:

San Diego Zoo, San Diego>Sorocaba Zoo, Sorocaba, Brazil>Schonbrunner Zoo, Vienna, Austria>National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, Pretoria>Auckland Zoo, New Zealand>Singapore Zoo, Singapore>San Diego


18. British Empire Tour:

Might as well start in The Colonies. Boston>Gibralter>Nairobi, Kenya>Naypyidaw, Burma>Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea> Georgetown, Guyana>Boston.


19. The “Speaking English Loudly Will Not Help Much” Tour:

Mexico City>Bucharest, Romania>Addis Ababa, Ethiopia>Suva, Fiji>Dzongkha, Butan>Tegucigalpa, Honduras>Mexico City


20. Tour of (Relatively) New Countries:

Kingston, Jamaica>Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina>Bishkek, Kyrgistan>Majuro, Marshall Islands (We are counting this as “Australia.”)>Paramaribo, Suriname>Kingston, Jamaica


21. Tour of Really Old Countries:

Boston>Paris, France>Addis Ababa, Ethiopia>Tehran, Iran>Wellington, New Zealand>Bogota, Colombia>Boston


22. Lots of Mountains Tour:

Denver>Zurich, Switzerland>Addis Ababa, Ethiopia>Hiroshima, Japan>Canberra, Australia>La Paz, Bolivia>Denver


23. The I Hate Mountains Tour:

Dallas>Amsterdam>Nouakchott, Mauritania>Malé, Maldives>Perth, Australia>Montevideo, Uruguay>Dallas


24. Tour of Inaccessibility (closest to “poles of inaccessibility” on all continents):

Start between Kyle and Allen, South Dakota>Arenapolis, Brazil>Obo, Central African Republic>Vilnius, Lithuania>Urumqui, Xinjiang, China>Alice Springs, Australia>Back to South Dakota.


25. East-West Extremes Tour:

Cape St. Charles, Newfoundland and Labrador (easternmost point in North America)>Bjargtangen, Iceland (westernmost point in Europe)>Cap Vert, Senegal (westernmost point in Africa)>Cape Dezhnev, Russia (easternmost point in Asia)>Chatham Island, New Zealand (easternmost point in Australia/NZ)>Talara, Peru (westernmost point in South America)>Newfoundland


26. Amazing Animals (Non-Captive) Tour:

Knight Inlet, British Columbia (Vancouver)>Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (Santa Cruz)>Okanvanga Delta, Botswana (Gaborone)>Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia (Zagreb)>Ranthanbore National Park, India (Sawai Madhopur)>Kakada National Park, Australia (Darwin)


27. The “Do Not Go if You Are a Journalist” Tour:

All but one of these stops held top spots in the Committee to Protect Journalists 2011 Impunity Index. Mexico City>Bogota, Colombia>Moscow>Mogadishu, Somalia>Manokwari, New Guinea>Manila>Mexico City.


28. Tallest Buildings on Each Continent Tour:

Chicago (Willis Tower)>Johannesburg, South Africa (Carlton Centre)>Dubai, UAE (Burj Khalifa)>Moscow (City of Capitals)>Gold Coast, Australia (Q1)>Caracas, Venezuela (Torres de Parque Central)>Chicago.


29. The “I’m on a boat” tour:

Leave from Sydney in late May and visit “43 ports” on six continents on the Dawn Princess. Costs $18,529 (steerage) to $53,550 (fancy pants) per person.


30. The “Look, Ma! No planes!” Tour.

Michael Hodson hit 44 countries on six continents traveling by cargo freighter, bus, train, taxi, rental car, donkey, sailboat, tuk-tuk, motorcycle and truck, logging some 2,000 hours solely in transit. You can find out about his favorite stops along the way here.


31. The Eat Until You Bust Tour:

New Orleans>Buenos Aires, Argentina>Montignac, France>Marrakesh, Morocco>Jimbaran Bay, Bali>Sydney>New Orleans


32. Most Expensive Cities in the World Tour:

New York City>Oslo, Norway>Luanda, Angola>Tokyo>Sydney>Sao Paulo>New York


33. The Pelling-Gant Wedding Tour:

British couple Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant plan to be wed in 30 countries on an “epic two-year £50,000 round-the-world trip.” That is $82,000 in George Washingtons! They plan to visit Toronto, Morocco, China, Australia and as-yet undecided places in South America. And you will not have to get married 30 times, either!


34. Pray your Way Around the World Tour:

Start at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City>Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue, Recife, Brazil>Mont. St. Michel, Normandy, France>Sultan Hassan Mosque and Madrassa, Cairo>Borobudur, Magelay, Indonesia (it is not Australia, but close enough)>Wat Rong Kun (White Temple), Chiang Rai, Thailand>New York.


35. Tour of Ruins:

Palenque, Chiapas Mexico>Machu Picchu, Peru>Colosseum, Rome>Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Zimbabwe>Ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand>Blythe Homestead Ruins, Northern Territory, Australia>Chiapas, Mexico.


36. Lost Cities Tour:

Sapelo Island Shell Ring, Sapelo Island, Georgia>Tiahuanaco, Bolivia>Pompeii, Italy>Memphis, Egypt>Angkor, Cambodia>Lost City, Litchfield National Park, Australia.


37. The Gay-Friendly Cities Tour:

San Francisco>Buenos Aires, Argentina>Berlin>Cape Town>Hong Kong>Sydney>San Francisco


38. The “I Have Way More Time than Money” Tour.

Join WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and CouchSurfing.org, and you can get free lodging. With WWOOF, you will “pay” for your stay by helping out on organic farms. When it comes to travel expenses, remember, with the exception of cruise ships, the slower the form of travel, the cheaper it is.


39. World Tour you can Take your Kids On:

Oaxaca, Mexico>Santiago, Chile>Copenhagen, Denmark>Nairobi, Kenya>Singapore>Sydney>Oaxaca.


40. The “Oontz-oontz-oontz-oontz” Tour.

If dance clubs are your thing, start in Miami, Florida>Florianopolis, Brazil>Berlin>Cape Town, South Africa>Tokyo>Sydney>Miami.


41. Amazing Waterfalls Tour:

Niagara Falls>Iguazu Falls (on Brazil-Argentina border)>Rhine Falls, Switzerland>Victoria Falls (on Zambia-Zimbabwe border)>Qinglong Falls, Wanzhou, China>Niagara Falls.


42. High Tech Cities Tour:

Silicon Valley (San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara)>Sao Paulo, Brazil>Berlin>Lagos, Nigeria>Taipei, Taiwan>Sydney>Silicon Valley.


43. Nobel Peace Prize Tour:

Atlanta (Martin Luther King, Jr.)>Guatemala City (Rigoberta Manchu)>Gdansk, Poland (Lech Walesa)>Nairobi, Kenya (Wangari Maathai)>Rangoon, Burma (Aung San Suu Kyi)>Perth, Australia*>Atlanta.

*Australia as yet has no Nobel Peace Prize winners, but Perth was added because they RULE when it comes to Nobel Prizes for Physiology and Medicine.


44. Settings or Places of Production for Academy Award Winning Movies Tour:

Montreal (Les Invasions Barbares, 2003)>Buenos Aires (El Secreto de sus Ojos, 2009)>Ebeltoft, Denmark (In a Better World, 2010)>Johannesburg, South Africa (Tsotsi, 2005)>Tokyo (Departures, 2008)>Sydney (Happy Feet, 2006)>Montreal.


45. Literary Tour (Nobel Prize for Literature Winners):

Princeton, N.J. (Toni Morrison)>Santiago, Chile (Pablo Neruda)>Dublin (Seamus Heaney)>Cairo (Naguib Mahfouz)>Tokyo (Kenzaburo Oe)>Sydney (Patrick White)>Princeton.


46. World Tour on the Down Low (places with elevations below sea level):

Coachella, Calif.>Georgetown, Guyana>Valli di Comacchio, Italy>Chott Melrhir, Algeria>Kuttanadu, Kerala, India>Lake Eyre, Australia.


47. The “Get Awesome Photos Even if You Stink at Photography” Tour:

Canadian Rockies (Banff)> Macchu Pichu, Peru>Venice, Italy>Cape Town, South Africa>Malé, Maldives>South Island, New Zealand.


48. Tour of UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

Independence Hall, Philadelphia>Nesvizh Castle, Nesvizh, Belarus>Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles Islands>Jongmyo Shrine, South Korea>Fraser Island, Australia>La Santisima Trinidad de Paraná, Paraguay>Philadelphia.


49. Awesome Bridges of the World Tour:

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado>Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland>Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos, Nigeria>Sutong Bridge, Jiangsu, China>Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia>Hercilio Luz Bridge, Florianopolis, Brazil>Colorado.


50. Shop at Walmart on Every Continent but One Tour:

Any City in the USA>Pretty much any city in the UK (Asda, which was bought out by Walmart)>Johannesburg, South Africa (Massmart)>Tokyo (Seiyu)>In Australia, you can be free from Walmart (for now)>Salvador, Brazil (Bompreço)>USA.


51. Theme Park Tour of the World:

Walt Disney World, Orlando>Alton Towers, Staffordshire, England>Ratanga Junction, Cape Town, South Africa>Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan>Rainbow’s End, Manukar City, New Zealand>Beto Carrero World, Penha, Brazil>Orlando.


52. Oldest European Settlements Tour:

St. Augustine, Fla.>Cumana, Venezuela>Athens, Greece>Cape Town, South Africa>Macau>Botany Bay (Sydney), Australia>St. Augustine.


53. The Harold and Kumar (Plus Bribe Money, Just in Case) Tour:

Negril, Jamaica>Lima, Peru>Amsterdam, Netherlands>Cairo, Egypt>Mumbai, India>Hobart, Tasmania, Australia>Jamaica.


54. Highest Lakes in the World Tour (that you can actually get to, though it may not be easy):

Lake of the Sun, near Mexico City>Ojos del Salado Pool, 20,965 feet, Chile/Argentina border>Lake of Lovers, 10,827 feet, Caucasus, southern Russia>Simba Tarn, 14,960 feet, Kenya>Changtse Pool, 20,394 feet, Tibet>Lake Cootapatamba, 6,726 feet, Australia>Mexico City.


55. Big Volcano Tour:

Mt. Mazama (Crater Lake), Oregon>Nevada del Ruiz, Colombia>Mt. Etna, Sicily>Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania>Mt. Tambora, Indonesia>Mt. Giluwe, Papua New Guinea>Oregon.


56. The Skiing on Six Continents Tour:

Fairmont Chateau, Whistler, British Columbia>Las Lenas, Argentina>Val d’Isere, France>Mischliffen, Morocco>Perisher Blue, Australia>High 1 Resort, South Korea>British Columbia.


57. The “You Ate WHAT?” Tour:

Nashville (poke sallet)>Rio de Janeiro (dried bananas)>London (pease pudding)>Accra, Ghana (fufu)>Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (durian)>anywhere in Australia (Vegemite).


58. Tour of World’s Most Densely Populated Cities:

Puerto Rico>San Salvador, El Salvador>Monaco>Cairo>Macau>Sydney>Puerto Rico.


59. Cities with Declining Populations Tour:

Buffalo, N.Y.>Buenos Aires, Argentina>Liverpool, UK>Osaka>Pretoria*>Broken Hill, NSW, Australia>Buffalo.

(*You cannot really find cities with declining populations in Africa, but some of the cities in South Africa show slower growth.)


60. Cities with Lots of Air Pollution Tour:

Port-au-Prince, Haiti>Baku, Azerbaijan>Daku, Bangladesh>Antananarivo, Madagascar>Lima, Peru>Brisbane or Perth, Australia (toss up).


61. Awesome Monoliths Tour:

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming>Cordillera del Paine, Chilean Patagonia>Rock of Gibralter, Gibralter>Ben Amera, Mauritania>Savandurga, India>Ayers Rock, Australia>Wyoming.


62. Awesome Megaliths Tour:

America’s Stonehenge, North Salem, N.H.>Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK>Nabta Playa, Egypt>Gochang Jungnim-ri Dolmens, South Korea>Mungo, Australia>Puma Punku, Bolivia>New Hampshire.


63. Tour of Universities for the Student Who Does Not Have to Worry about Loans:

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA>Oxford University, Oxford, England>University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania>Beijing University, Beijing>Australian National University, Canberra>Universidade de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo>Massachusetts.


64. Caves on Six Continents Tours:

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky>Eisriesenwelt, Austria>Krubera Cave, Abkhazia (Georgia’s breakaway republic)>Sof Omar Cave, Ethiopia>Gardner’s Gut, New Zealand>Sima Pumacocha, Peru>Kentucky.


65. Best Places to Surf Tour (non-Internet edition):

Marin County, California>Sunzal, El Salvador>Fuerteventura, Spain>Jeffreys Bay, South Africa>Mentawai Islands, Indonesia>Gold Coast, Australia>California.


66. Best Places to Surf Tour (at Internet cafes):

Seattle, Wash.>Quito, Ecuador>Amsterdam, Netherlands>Algiers, Algeria>Brisbane, Australia>Seoul, South Korea>Seattle.


67. Rainforest Tour:

Olympic National Park, Washington>Mata Atlantica, Brazil>Laurisilva Rainforests of Madeira, Portugal>Loango National Park, Gabon>Cradle Mountain, Tasmania>Endau-Rompin Park, Malaysia>Washington.


68. Tour of Places Where They Mine Uranium:

McArthur River, Northern Saskatchewan>Caetité, Brazil>Rossing (near Arandis), Namibia>Dolni Rozinka, Czech Republic>Tengchong, China>Olympic Dam, South Australia>Saskatchewan.


69. The Cheaper than the Usual Places Tour:

Minneapolis, Minn.>Quito, Ecuador>Prague, Czech Republic>Marrakesh, Morocco>Tioman Island, Malaysia>Melbourne, Australia>Minneapolis.


70. The “Get Off My Lawn!” Tour (places with aging populations):

Bronx, New York> Buenos Aires, Argentina>Chemnitz, Germany>Reunion Island (Africa)>Myoko City, Japan>Melbourne, Australia>New York.


71. Places the Dollar is Strong (Currently) Tour:

Mexico City>Panama City, Panama>Budapest, Hungary>Cairo, Egypt>Chiang Mai, Thailand>Wellington, NZ>Mexico City.


72. Living on the Water Tour (houseboat or overwater hut):

Fort Myers, Fla.>San Blas Islands, Panama>Amsterdam, Netherlands>Vaal River, South Africa>Olhuveli Beach, Maldives>Bay of Islands, New Zealand>Florida.


73. Tour of Countries that Have Weapons of Mass Destruction:

Los Alamos, N.M.>Johannesburg, South Africa>Moscow>Taipei, Taiwan>Townsville, Australia>Rio de Janeiro, Brazil>New Mexico.


74. Organized Crime Hotspots Tour:

New York City>Lagos, Nigeria>Sofia, Bulgaria>Melbourne, Australia>Kobe, Japan>Rio de Janeiro, Brazil>New York.


75. Places You Do Not Want to End Up in Jail In Tour:

San Quentin, Calif.>La Sabaneta, Venezuela>Diyarbakir, Turkey>Nairobi, Kenya>Bang Kwang, Thailand>Risdon, Tasmania>California.


76. Fashion Capitals Tour:

New York City>Paris>Cape Town, South Africa>Tokyo>Sydney>Sao Paulo, Brazil.


77. Amazing Gardens Tour:

Buchart Gardens, Victoria B.C.>Jardim Botânico de Curitiba, Brazil>Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland>Limbe Botanical Gardens, Cameroon>Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne>Suan Nong Nooch, Pattaya,Thailand>British Columbia.


78. Winemaking Tour:

Sterling Vineyards, Calistoga, Calif.>Champagne Perrier-Jouet, Epernay, France> Vergelegen Estate, Cape Town, South Africa> Dragon Seal Winery, Beijing> Penfolds Barossa Valley Winery, Southern Australia>Santa Rita Vineyard, Santiago, Chile>California.


79. Countries the U.S. has Fought Wars With (or In) Tour:

Mexico City (Mexican-American War)>London (Revolutionary War)>Tripoli (First Barbary War. But seriously: not a good idea to go to Libya right now)>Manila (Philippine-American War)>Panama (“Banana Wars” of 1898-1935)>Guadalcanal (World War II).


80. Wonders of the World Tour:

CN Tower, Toronto>Channel Tunnel, Folkestone, Kent, UK>Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt>Great Wall of China>Great Barrier Reef, Australia>Itaipu Dam (Brazil/Paraguay border)>Toronto.


Published: August 15, 2012