5 Ways to Save on Spring Break Trips

Not familiar with Spring Break? The traditional week-long school holiday which varies from late February to early April was once the sole domain of college students but is now a popular vacation period for families, couples, solo travelers – everyone.

The airlines know this and raise prices for Spring Break, buy you can still save money by following on flights to ski and beach cities, even Disney destinations (see below) by following these simple tips. Hurry, though – time is running short.

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5 Ways to Cheaper Trips for Spring Break

Suggestion: Follow as many of these tips as you can.

1. Fly on Tuesday

Give n a week off, most of us would choose to fly weekend-to-weekend to make every minute of the seven days vacation count. Don’t do this! Instead:

  • Depart on Tuesday, return on Saturday.

Take a look at these fares I found for a Dallas-Orlando trip and you’ll see what a difference a few days can make:

  • Travel Sunday to Sunday, pay $479
  • Travel Tuesday to Saturday, pay $353

2. Avoid Non-stop Flights

If possible, avoid the convenience of a non-stop for a connecting flight, and here’s a recent example for a Dallas-Aspen trip:

  • Non-stop flight: $1,283
  • Connecting flight: $581

3. Look for Cheap Destinations

Cities that can be cheaper depending on what you’d like to do:

  • Ski trips: Boston and Denver. Note: Boston provides easy access to resorts in Vermont and New Hampshire.
  • Beaches: In the U.S., check out fares to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami; Los Angeles or San Diego; and in the Caribbean, San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Nassau.

4. Make Disney Trips Cheaper

If the kids (or you grown-ups) want to see Mickey, you can save depending on where you fly.

  • Disneyland (Anaheim, Calif.): The closest airport is Orange County also known as John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, Calif. but Los Angeles’ big hub known as LAX is just 34 miles up the road and often has cheaper flights. Another option is Long Beach, just 24 miles away which is a JetBlue focus city and frequently has good deals.
  • Disney World (Orlando, Fl.): Compare fare to Orlando with those to Tampa and you could save; the driving distance between the two is 84 miles which may be hard on the little ones but could save more patient travelers real money.

Tip: For Disney discounts and/or travel tips, check with Disney Parks, the Orlando Visitors Center or MouseSavers.

5. Shop Now

Spring Break is closer than you think and prices are on the rise so buy your tickets now. They won’t be getting any cheaper. Shop now and as always, compare fares to get the best deal possible.


Updated: January 21, 2015