4 Reasons to Fly to Europe This Fall

European bridge

There are four good reasons to go to Europe this fall: Cheaper airfares, no seasonal price hike, smaller crowds and early holiday fun. We may never see such perfect conditions for travel to Europe again so take advantage of the savings and the fun.

1. Cheap airfares

We’ve seen eye-popping deals to Europe through much of the year including round-trip tickets from Providence, R.I. to Dublin for $269 in October (and that’s a nonstop flight!). Here are a few more airfares found in early August for travel on various dates in September, October, November, even December. Prices in U.S. dollars.

Beijing to London, $553
Boston to Paris, $324
London to Miami, $370
New York to Rome, $378
Sao Paulo to Barcelona, $675
Sydney to Paris, $609

Tip: All the deals were found on FareCompare’s Getaway Map and it’s so easy to use: Add your departure airport and the month or season you’d like to fly and watch great fares pop-up around the world. Then, click a deal you like and you’ll get four different itineraries; click all four because prices are constantly changing and you don’t want to miss a just-released fare that might be lower than the itinerary indicates.

2. No seasonal hike

Unlike the November Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. – when fares jump into the stratosphere – there are no big price hikes on fall fares to Europe. In mid-December, fares will rise for Christmas and New Year’s, but drop again after the first week in January. This means you have a big block of time in September, October, November and December to travel to Europe while paying very little for tickets.

3. Smaller crowds

Fall is such a great time to travel even if cost is no object. The weather is good, not too cold and not too hot, and there are smaller crowds everywhere you go so airports and customs lines are easier to navigate. Best of all, there will be fewer tourists queuing up outside major attractions.

4. Pre-holiday fun

A trip to Europe in the fall could make a perfect early holiday gift. And there is no place like Europe for wonderful Christmas markets, which generally open their doors to shoppers in mid to late November. Bring the whole family on your trip to Europe; at current prices, it can be do-able.

Final tip

A final tip for would-be travelers to Europe: If your vacation dates are not flexible enough for the Getaway Map, try flying cheaper days (generally, weekdays) or cheaper routes (connecting flights are often cheaper than non-stops). But always compare airfares to be sure of getting the cheapest flight to Europe whenever you go. Safe travels!

Rick Seaney
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