Worst Airline Seat Ever – The SkyRider Saddle Seat

So there you are, sitting on your plane. Your seat is cramped, there’s no room for your legs (let alone your “personal belongings”) and you are not comfortable in the least. Couldn’t get worst than this.

Worst Seat Ever

Oh yes it could. Meet the SkyRider airline seat, in all its glory (see pictures below). All its glory and all its wretched stuntedness. By that we mean it has a 23-inch seat pitch – while most airplane seats have about a 30-inch seat pitch.

Read the Terrible Reviews

Most critics liken it to sitting on a saddle, but I don’t think any cowboy ever had less room. No surprise that, so far, there are no rave reviews – or even lukewarm ones. Let’s take a look at what they’re saying about it:

  • Los Angeles Times: “The SkyRider places your face almost right against the seat in front of you. Can’t wait.”
  • Wired.com: “A sculpted squab…intended to introduce a new cabin-class, below economy. It should probably be called cattle-class.”
  • Consumerist: (we have a winner) “Meet the Airline Seat That Will Destroy Your Crotch”

See the Saddle Seat in Action

Take a gander – does this look like fun or what?

Want to try one out? Just come to the Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas show, now underway in Long Beach, California (through Sept. 16). In case you were wondering, the SkyRider is the product of an Italian design firm specializing in aircraft seats. Which begs the question:

What’s Up with the Europeans?

Yes, what is up with the Europeans? First, Dublin-based Ryanair threatens to go with standing-room only airplane seating, and now, the SkyRider.

Could this be a massive joke being played on the flying public? Or just a publicity stunt? My vote is for the latter. I mean, Ryanair has been threatening us with pay toilets on their planes for months now, but I’ve yet to hear of it becoming a reality.

Let’s hope something similar happens with these saddle seats. On the other hand, if it’s cheap enough – who knows?


Published: September 15, 2010