World's Most Expensive Airport Taxi Fares

You might want to come up with alternate transportation if you were planning on taking a taxi from Narita to downtown Tokyo. That airport cab ride will set you back almost $300.

$300 Taxi Ride

The price – and it’s not technically a rip-off, just the going rate – was one of many eye-brow raisers cited in new report and no doubt backed up by the experiences of numerous international business travelers (not to mention their long-suffering accountants). But it was not the most expensive ride.

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Most Expensive City for Airport Cabs

Mile for mile, top honors goes to the cab route from Denmark’s main facility, formally called Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup. The price isn’t so bad – $56 – until you realize that’s what you pay for a five-mile drive.

World’s Most Expensive Cab Rides

These are overall the most expensive taxi fares from airports to city centers. Note that no U.S. airport is listed in the top five but Newark slides in at number six ($64 to New York City). Also, the study suggests these figures do not include tips. While it is not customary to tip cab drivers in all cities (we understand it is not done in Tokyo), do not attempt to avoid tipping a cabbie in Newark or New York or you’ll get an earful.

  • From Toyko Narita: $296*
  • From Oslo airport: $113
  • From Milan airport: $111
  • From London Heathrow: $88
  • From Munich airport: $66

* All fare prices are based on currency exchange rates of May 7, 2013

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Getting Overcharged for Taxis in Vegas

Earlier this year, FareCompare took note of an investigation that showed Las Vegas cabbies had overcharged McCarran passengers by a stunning $15 million last year (perhaps there were a lot of scenic route detours along the fabled Strip). If this happens to you, make a complaint to the Nevada Taxicab Authority (which also provides pricing guidelines for airport fares).

Taxi Alternatives

If you traveling someplace where no family or friends can meet you, look into cheaper airport-to-city rail transportation (nearly everyone takes a train to/from Tokyo’s airports) or shuttle bus service. The three major New York City area airports for example have a wide variety of public and private transportation options including private car service with prices that compare favorably to cabs. Avoid non-licensed or gypsy cabs which may seem cheaper but you may also find they drop you near your destination instead of at the specific address.

Many alternative transportation options can be found on airline websites. Look there first, under the heading, Ground Transportation.


Published: May 7, 2013