Winners and Losers: The American Airlines-US Airways Merger and You (VIDEO)

Last night, air travel analyst Rick Seaney was the guest on the Willis Report program and provided some extra insight into the merger of American Airlines and US Airways. His predictions will prove troubling for some passengers. See the video below.

The Merger: It’s on. What you should know.

Winners and Losers: Airports, Miles Programs

Some extra airport hubs may lose out in the merger and Seaney cites Philadelphia and Phoenix as two that could ultimate lose flights. Other hubs, such as Los Angeles and Chicago may actually see cheaper airfares.

Members of the two airlines’ frequent flyer programs may actually gain miles, but combining the programs could also mean more people vying for fewer rewards seats.

See maps of the two airlines’ routes, separately and combined.

Video: What Does the Merger Mean for You?

See Rick Seaney’s detailed analysis on the Willis Report (Feb. 14, 2013):


Published: February 15, 2013