What To Know About the New TSA Fee

By now you’ve probably heard about a rise in the fee known as the September 11th Security Fee (also called the U.S. Passenger Aviation Security Fee or simply the TSA fee). The mandatory fee went into effect 2003 to pay for government security (TSA) in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

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What You Should Know

What you pay now, what you’re scheduled to pay.

  • How much will it rise: The current fee is set at $2.50 per flight number (whether the flight has multiple legs) up to $10 per round-trip flight. The increase brings the fee to a flat rate of $5.60 each-way.
  • How do I pay: The fee is included in the total price of an airline ticket.
  • When is the fee hike scheduled to go into effect: July 21, 2014
  • Does this fee apply to awards tickets: Yes.

What You Can Do

In what appears to be an unusual move, the TSA is collecting comments about the fee increase – through Aug. 19 – despite the fact that the increase is supposed to go into effect a month before comments close.

  • How to be heard: Read about the fee changes here. Then go the to the U.S. government’s website for developing federal regulations and search for Docket No. TSA-2001-11120; Amendment No. 1510-4. Or go directly to this link and click “Comment Now” and tell them what you think.
  • What is the comment deadline: The comment period ends Aug. 19.


Published: June 25, 2014