Weekly Airfare Deals Round-up: Cheap Flights for You and Dad

You know what Sunday is? June 21 is Father’s Day (hi, Dad!) but even more important it’s the first day of summer. Hey, why not grab a couple airfare deals for you and the old man? Tip: Do not refer to him as ‘the old man’.

Cheap Flights of the Week

Click the airline name for sample prices and destinations. If you can’t figure it out, ask Dad for help.

Weekend Deals

  • American: Getaway deals for next weekend – HURRY
  • United: Deals for this weekend – HURRY

U.S. Deals

  • Alaska: Summer deals from $59 one-way
  • Frontier: Late summer/fall deals from $29 one-way – HURRY
  • Hawaiian: San Francisco Bay area to Hawaii from $403 round-trip
  • JetBlue: Summer deals from $39 one-way

U.S. to International Destinations

  • Air Canada: Summer deals to Vancouver, Calgary, other Canadian cities
  • Delta: Fall deals to Asia, Europe, Latin America
  • Southwest: Caribbean deals for late summer and fall
  • United: Summer deals to Cabo from $290 round-trip
  • US Airways: Caribbean deals from $216 round-trip

Deals for International Travelers

  • Aer Lingus: Fall/winter deals, UK to US from £215 one-way
  • American: Sydney to Los Angeles, December to May from $1,687 return

And If You Still Want More

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Updated: October 27, 2015