Video of Scary Landing Plus No More Free Food and Bag Fee Refunds, Maybe

Scary Landing – The Video

No one was hurt when the Delta Connection flight made an emergency landing at JFK due to malfunctioning landing gear this past Saturday (Sept. 25), thank goodness.

However, no one knew there was going to be a happen ending as the plane was coming down.

Yet that didn’t stop some of the passengers from taking video of the scary situation on their cell phones.

Take a look at the video of this landing from

What the Pilot’s Mom Said, What a Passenger Said

What do you think the pilot’s mother said? 84 year old Hazel Conroyd said her son, Capt. Jack Conroyd was “a hero.” You’re right, Mom. However, according to CNN, one passenger was not so keen on the flight attendant who kept repeating the words, “heads down, stay down”, saying “If the last voice I heard on earth was that one, I’d be one very annoyed dead guy.” Hey. She was just doing her job, pal. And doing it well.

No More Free Meals on Continental

If you delight in the free cuisine served on Continental flights, better hurry. The last free coach meal will be served on Oct. 11.

After that, Continental joins all the other airlines in the food-for-purchase program.

It’s a cost-cutting measure, of course. And what will be available for purchase on Continental? According to Gadling, the in-flight menu will include hot and cold food such as “Asian-style noodle salad, grilled chicken spinach salad, Angus cheeseburgers and Jimmy Dean sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches.” Doesn’t sound so bad, huh? But if you want to save some money – pack a lunch for the plane.

Refunds for Lost Bags?

We told you earlier that the Dept. of Transportation has proposed a bunch of new rule changes, including the tantalizing possibility of getting a refund if your airline loses your bag – or doesn’t get it to you in a “timely” fashion.

Now the LA Times is reporting that the airline industry (hold on to your hats!) opposes the bag refund, but what’s interesting is why:

“A government mandate like this would raise fares for everyone, including people who don’t check bags. And [the Air Transport Association] said a refund wouldn’t work because the requirement for ‘timely delivered’ bags is a ‘subjective standard’ and would ‘not account for varying conditions’.” Los Angeles Times, 9-27-10

I can give you a subjective standard for timely delivery: your bag arrives when you do. As for whether this would raise fares or not – could this be a scare tactic? Who knows, but f it is, I’m sure someone will be taking video with a cell phone. Just sayin’…


Published: September 29, 2010