Uptake Joins Groupon Today

A shout out to our friends over at Uptake who became part of Groupon just moments ago.

Uptake’s Specialty: Travel Advice

Certainly Groupon has been taking an interest in the $100 billion online travel segment with their Expedia partnership, and now with Groupon’s assimilation of Uptake – which has been concentrating on travel advice based on the wisdom of the crowd and more recently, the wisdom of the social graph – it is dipping a toe into the deeper end of travel the pool.

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I must be getting old as it seems like only a few days ago (but really closer to a decade) that the Uptake folks were knee deep in Yahoo! Travel and showing what an experienced team is worth to hyper-growth companies in this crazy world of valuations (rumored north of $30 million)  – especially a team that has lived through the tumultuous travel landscape the past decade.

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I wish the entire team the best in their new endeavor – and look forward to a bit of the Uptake panache in my daily Groupon email in the near future.


Published: February 28, 2012