Up & Down Airfare Activity: Hike Attempts, Airfare Drops

In the past ten days, airfare analyst and FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney has spotted some major up and down airfare activity including multiple attempts to hike prices. Most of these attempts ended in failure, but two airlines successfully lowered prices in unrelated actions. Here’s the timeline according to Rick Seaney:

Up & Down Airfare: Hikes, Price Drops

This is how round-one played out:

  • April 20: United and Air Canada initiate U.S.-Canada Hike #1
  • April 21: In unrelated activity, Frontier drops airfares a minimum $14 round-trip
  • April 21: Delta initiates Domestic Hike #1
  • April 22: United, Air Canada begin rolling back on U.S.-Canada Hike #1
  • April 22: Domestic Hike #1 – FAIL
  • April 25: U.S.-Canada Hike #1 – FAIL

Now for round-two:

  • April 26: United and Air Canada initiate U.S.-Canada Hike #2
  • April 26: In unrelated activity, Southwest drops airfares a minimum of $10 round-trip (on tickets with at least a 7 day advance purchase)
  • April 26: Delta initiates Domestic Hike #2
  • April 27: U.S.-Canada Hike #2 – FAIL

At the moment, the second attempt to raise domestic fares remains in-progress. We will update as warranted.

Price drops: As for the new lower fares, the Southwest tickets are not geared toward last-minute, big spending business travelers as they must be purchased at least 7 days before departure (but can also be purchased as early as 3 months before departure).


Updated: January 24, 2017