United Airlines Wants to Give You a Voucher for Future Flights

A United Airlines spokesperson confirmed to FareCompare that, yes indeed, the carrier is handing out vouchers worth up to $125 toward future flights, so let’s hope a United employee is rude to you. Kidding! But that is one of the ways to earn a voucher.

Why United it Giving Out Vouchers

The vouchers or “goodwill travel certificates” as aviation blogger Brian Sumers calls them (and United is fine with that description) started being doled out this week for a variety of reasons. These might include:

  • Bad customer/employee relations: Earned by a traveler who may have an unpleasant encounter with an employee; this is where rudeness comes in. [Editor’s note: We’ve never run into a rude United employee but we suppose it can happen]
  • Problems with baggage: Earned for enduring the pain of bags not showing up.
  • Thank you: Earned by a flier who does (or says) something nice for a United employee.

Is this is a marketing move to improve the carrier’s image or a genuinely nice gesture? Probably a bit of both. United has taken a bit of a beating in the press in recent years thanks to computer/website problems and a series of leadership changes. This voucher program strikes us as a step in the right direction.

United must think so too since the airline handed out similar certificates years ago. What’s old is new again.


Updated: November 9, 2015