United Airlines Debuts New Flight Attendant Uniforms. Verdict: Ho-Hum

The days of stewardesses in paisley-printed mini-skirts are long gone (see photos below) but do today’s flight attendant uniforms have to be quite so bland? Apparently they do, judging by the latest styles unveiled by United Airlines.

Did they really wear girdles on Pan Am?

New Outfits: Same Old, Same Old?

This is the first new look since United merged with Continental and it’s notable for its lack of risk-taking: dark colors, standard silhouettes and pant suits prevail. This is not to say any of it is bad – just that the clothes are not especially chic. But perhaps it’s another story for those who must wear these uniforms. A United flight attendant was quoted by a New Jersey paper as saying her new dress “very, very comfortable.”

The strange and colorful collections of travel fans

Pretty Ugly, Pretty Good

Reactions on the frequent traveler site FlyerTalk were all over the map, ranging from “pretty ugly in person” to “they look pretty good.”

You be the judge. See the photo of United’s new uniforms, followed by iconic styles from the old Braniff Airlines circa late 1960s and early 1970s (Braniff ceased operations in 1982). Photos of the vintage uniforms are courtesy of the amazing archives at KLM purser Cliff Muskiet’s site, UniformFreak.

Today’s United vs. Yesterday’s Braniff

Which do you prefer?

United’s New Uniforms (Spring 2013):

Braniff’s Uniforms (1960s – 1970s):


Published: May 22, 2013