Two Big Wins for TSA as Screeners Find Explosives, Stun Gun

Officers of the Transportation Security Administration come in for a fair share of criticism, so it’s only right to point out when they do well, and there are two such noteworthy incidents in the past couple of days alone.

TSA Leaves Another ‘Unusual’ Note in Passenger Bag

TSA Finds Explosives in Carry-on Bag

On New Year’s Eve, a screening officer at Texas’ Midland International Airport saw something suspicious an Army sergeant’s carry-on bag, which on closer inspection turned out to be explosives. Trey Atwater, who is reportedly a demolitions expert, was arrested and the FBI is continuing to investigate.

It’s not clear what if anything the suspect planned to do with the explosives, but it couldn’t help but conjure up images of 2009’s so-called Underwear Bomber who attempted to set off explosives aboard a Northwest plane on Christmas Day.

TSA and the Grandma ‘Strip Search’

TSA Finds Stun Gun in Student’s Bag

On Dec. 30, a TSA officer found another unusual item in a carry-on bag at New York’s JFK – what appeared to be a flashlight but was actually a combination light and stun gun – and a college student was arrested in that case. The suspect has since told the Associated Press that she believes her case is on track to being resolved with a fine.

It’s also worth noting that according to the latest statistics, complaints against the TSA have dropped to near-record lows.


Published: January 3, 2012