TSA Refutes 'Jersey Shore' Actress' Twitter Claim of Abuse of Authority

The performer known to fans of MTV’s Jersey Shore as Jwoww (real name: Jenni Farley) went on a Twitter rant over the weekend, complaining that she’d been singled out for special security screening at the Fargo, North Dakota, airport and was generally treated “like a criminal.”

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She also noted that “I’ve been patted down a bunch n don’t mind” but that this latest incident was “abuse of authority.”

Security Procedure Angers Jwoww

What got her so upset was the random hand swabbing for explosives at the gate.

The TSA’s chief blogger Bob Burns looked into the matter and explained that Farley “was one of several passengers who were randomly selected for gate screening prior to boarding the aircraft,” then added that the “TSA strives to screen all passengers with dignity and respect while performing its security mission.”

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For those wondering what Jwoww was doing in North Dakota, she was appearing at The Hub, a popular Fargo club.

The airport incident incited a certain amount of buzz, but after due consideration, the comment of the day belongs to the HollywoodGossip site for this gem: “Does someone like JWoww have to check all her fake tanning gear? Because that alone could delay flights by a couple of hours.”


Published: November 16, 2011