True Confession: Good Things, Bad Things about a Recent Flight

If you haven’t flown recently, take a look. You may save yourself time and trouble and possibly money, too. It may also give you a better appreciation for the only thing that matters.

The Flight

This is the story of a recent Delta flight from a Midwestern city to the West Coast by an anonymous flyer. Note: Most of the ‘bad things’ were outside Delta’s control. We are told the crew was professional and pleasant and the plane was generally very nice.

At the Airport

  • Good thing: Despite the recent, scary news about Ebola (including flights taken by a nurse who later tested positive), no one was overheard talking about the virus (I eavesdropped). They were talking football.
  • Bad thing: I checked a bag for $25 (that’s $50 round-trip). I should have used a carry-on, but then where would I have put all those delicious confections I purchased from Graeter’s?

In the Air

  • Bad thing: As we began boarding, a Delta gate agent stopped the woman ahead of me who had two carry-on bags. One must be checked, she was told, but the woman says she’ll stick one under the seat in front of her and was allowed to bring both. Once on board, though, the woman stuffed both in the overhead bin leaving no room for yours truly.
  • Another bad thing: I was stuck in a middle seat. I forgot to check to see if there were any aisles or windows available in the days preceding check-in. There often are, on some flights. I goofed and paid the price.
  • Yet another bad thing: I was starving. Neglected to eat breakfast and lunch before the 4 p.m. flight and brought a bag of peanuts/pretzels/whatever mix at the airport that I began chowing down on as soon as I sat down (it was quite tasty). Ten minutes into a flight and an announcement was made: One of the passengers had a peanut allergy and would we please not eat peanuts. Sadly, I put my bag away.
  • Final bad thing: My seatback screen did not work. It was a touchscreen and perhaps too many passengers had touched it too vigorously. I read a book instead.
  • Good thing: Bought a meal to share with my travel companion since peanuts were off the menu and the roast beef sliders were excellent. The $10 price tag was not-so-excellent but, hey, whatever.

Back on the Ground

  • Good thing: My checked-bag was first to arrive at the carousel!
  • Best thing of all: The flight landed safely. I had no doubt this would happen, and quite honestly, you can forget all the bad things mentioned above because a safe flight is the only thing that truly matters.


Published: October 21, 2014