The 5 Most Annoying Habits of Passengers

Over the years, FareCompare has reported on numerous bad passengers – especially the creative things they do to get themselves thrown off a plane.

5 Things That Will Get You Thrown Off a Plane

Outrageous Passenger Incidents

Offenders have exhibited bad body odor, obscene T-shirts and more, but the root cause often seems to involve alcohol consumption, which led to publication of the Five Dos and Don’ts of Drinking on a Plane.

Everyday Bad Behaviors

But such outrageous examples are rare. According to a new survey of 700 flight attendants and other cabin crew members from around the world, it’s everyday discourtesies that are most annoying. See if you’ve been guilty of any of the top five worst behaviors:

Pan Am Stewardess on the ‘Good Old Days’ of Flying

Five Most Annoying Passenger Habits

Most Annoying Habits of Air Passengers

Snapping or clicking one’s fingers to get attention


Leaving seat after landing before the OK is given


Stuffing too many bags in overhead bins


Complaining about lack of bin space


Talking through the safety demo


Other Bad Habits

Also making the list was stuffing trash in the seat-back pocket (7%) and ringing the flight attendant button to complain about the cabin temperature (6%).Would love to hear about the most annoying habit you’ve seen.


Published: December 10, 2012