Super Bowl Preparation Swings into High Gear at Indianapolis Airport

Officials at Indianapolis International Airport (IND) say they expect an extra 40,000 people to pass through during Super Bowl week, and they’re getting ready for them.

Airline Misses Out on Super Bowl Hoopla

Busiest Days for Indy Travelers

The busiest days will be the Thursday through Saturday before the big game (Sunday, Feb. 5) but the busiest single day will be the Monday after when everyone heads for home.

Overall, the airport is expecting airlines to add as many as 75 extra commercial flights to their Indianapolis’ schedules, with perhaps an additional 60 charter flights. This will mean some changes at the airport.

Watch Out for Super Bowl Scams

More TSA, More Cops, Longer Shopping/Dining Hours

Some of the changes to look for:

  • TSA will operate 24/7 with two extra screening lanes at each concourse entrance
  • Extra police patrols will be on hand for safety and better traffic flow
  • More Airport Ambassadors will be on hand to guide visitors through the facility
  • Extended hours for shops and restaurants
  • New Indy airport app is now available for Android, iPhone and iPad platforms, with info on flights, parking, rental cars, shopping and dining

Bad Weather and the Super Bowl

Last year’s Super Bowl was marred somewhat by an unusual bout of bad weather – snow in Dallas – but blizzards are hardly unknown in Indiana.

Remember Last Year’s Super Bowl? Snow in Dallas!

You might not know this from the airport’s 1,604-word press release, though – it mentions the ‘s-word’ exactly twice. It does note that ‘frozen precipitation’ can sometimes be a problem, but officials are adding additional airport employees and equipment in case any of this nasty stuff hinder planes and runways.

Indy Travelers Should Arrive at Airport 3 Hours Early

The official airport website offers a lot of good tips for Super Bowl travelers, but one stands apart: arrive at the airport early – really early. Extra travelers means long lines and can mean missed planes so passengers are urged to arrive at the airport three hours before their flight is scheduled to depart.

Super Bowl Souvenirs Available at the Airport

All airport shops will have extended hours and they will sell Super Bowl team souvenirs, including official ‘winner’ gear which will be “specially delivered to the airport in time to be available to outgoing guests.”


Published: January 27, 2012