Stink that Diverted Qantas Flight was Dirty Diaper

Last Sunday, passengers on a Qantas flight heading from Darwin to Brisbane complained of a foul odor, so the pilot immediately swung into action. Following procedures, he diverted the aircraft in mid-journey to the little airport in Mt. Isa (population 18,000+).

Diaper Drama in the Skies

The cause of the odor has now been revealed: According to a statement from Qantas, “Unfortunately the fumes turned out to be a very smelly nappy dumped in the fwd toilet.” – statement from Qantas Airways

Translation from the Australian: a dirty diaper. While a Qantas spokesman admitted they were embarrassed by all the fuss, they also said, “better safe than sorry.”

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‘Diaper’ Ordeal Gets Even Worse for Passengers

For the passengers aboard the diaper flight, things went from bad to worse. The ground crew at the airport couldn’t find a set of stairs tall enough to reach the door of the big plane – a Boeing 767 – so passengers had to be removed by forklift.

Yes, forklift – which took some time as a forklift could only accommodate 4 to 5 people at a time. Eventually, a new aircraft was found and passengers were on their way again.

Bad Body Odor Can Get You Kicked Off a Plane, Too

Other Odor Issues on Planes

This is hardly the first time an unusual stench has created havoc for a flight schedule – a so-called ‘mystery smell’ aboard a US Airways plane in Ft. Lauderdale sent flight attendants to a hospital late last year.

Perhaps the most notorious incident took place on an Air Canada Jazz flight in 2010 when a passenger was removed because his body odor was so “brutal.”


Published: February 3, 2012