Spring Break-ing News: Buy Now or Pay Up to 30% More

“Hurry.” That’s the advice of airfare expert and FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney for anyone who still hasn’t purchased Spring Break tickets. Time is slipping away, airfare is rising and Seaney has the data to back this up.

Spring Break Airline Tickets – Going Up

According to an analysis of February 2015 average airfare prices from FareCompare’s top 25 U.S. origins to 25 popular Spring Break destinations*, we expect to see the following for Spring Break 2016: travelers who booked tickets this week for four-day-minimum trips (with departures/returns in March) could be saving as much as $200 over those who book the same trips at the last minute.

Another way to look at it: Procrastinate long enough and you could pay up to 30% more for airfare on trips costing up to $200.

*Destinations include Europe, the Caribbean and U.S. cities ranging from Brownsville, Texas to Burlington, Vermont.

Spring Break Airfare Chart

The chart (below) tells the story: Spring Break fares increased at a rate of $50 a week last year and we expect to see that again. Reminder: prices are averages and vary from route to route.

The bottom line is, delays will cost you and as Rick Seaney says, “Wouldn’t it be more fun to spend that money with friends and family during your Spring Break trip?”

Spring Break Airfare Chart
Spring Break Airfare Chart


Published: February 18, 2016