Spirit Raises Bag Fees for Summer

Oh, Spirit – you do like your fees. Granted, they are optional and granted, they may be a small price to pay for the discounter’s cheap fares (though Spirit fares, while often very good, aren’t always the cheapest).

How to find the cheapest fares every time

Now, Spirit is raising its bag fees – temporarily – just in time for summer vacation.

Spirit Raises Bag Fees by $2

Spirit raised bag fees late last year, too, taking advantage of all those Christmas and New Year’s travelers. The new summer season prices are rising by the same amount, $2 each. What to know:

  • Fee hike covers travel from June 19 to August 17
  • New fees do not apply on tickets purchased by April 8

Spirit’s cheery message on its website suggests this latest hike is not about profits, it’s all about the bin space:

“Summer is the season for getaways. We’re encouraging customers to pack a bit lighter – think bikinis – this summer to make sure we have room for everyone’s bags.” Spirit site

How to Avoid All Bag Fees on Spirit

Unlike most airlines, you cannot avoid a bag fee on Spirit by using a carry-on – those bags will cost you as well, and the carry-on fee is actually higher than the checked-bag fee. However, you pay nothing if you pack a very small bag, but it must be placed under the seat in front of you.


Updated: April 23, 2015