Spirit Drops Bag Fees – But Only for a Few

This is a surprise, but a nice one. For some.

LISTEN: If you hate fees, listen to this.

Spirit Drops Fees for Some Military

According to the Military Times, as of Feb. 19, ultra-discount airline Spirit has dropped bag fees for active-duty military. The details:

  • No fee for carry-on bags
  • No fee for up to two checked-bags

Note: Spirit will also offer refunds to active-duty military members who already paid baggage fees for upcoming trips.

Most travelers, of course, won’t be affected by this but at least some service personnel are getting this perk and there is a glimmer of hope for rest of us.

Spirit: Customer Service to Improve

The Military Times quotes new Spirit CEO Robert Fornaro as saying, “This is the first of many steps Spirit is taking to improve the overall customer experience.” The timing is certainly good; according to the Department of Transportation’s latest round-up of complaint statistics, Spirit gets more gripes than any other airline. Spirit blames its dismal  showing on new fliers who may be unaware of Spirit’s fee-heavy business model which charges for all bags, soft drinks and even water.

Nevertheless, this fee-drop would seem to be a step in the right direction.


Updated: February 24, 2016