Spirit Airlines Spoofs Blagojevich Conviction in New Airfare Sale

Names in the news have long been an important marketing tool for the sales team at low-cost carrier Spirit, and the airline’s latest “Slammer Sale” spoofing the conviction of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is business as usual.

Spirit $14 Sale and Ex-Gov.’s 14-Year Prison Term

This week’s sentencing of the disgraced politician, who received 14 years in prison, was immediately followed by a Spirit online ad touting new $14 airfares. “You don’t have to live in the ‘Big House’ to take advantage of these fares,” screamed the online ad copy which featured an illustration of another former Illinois politician – Abe Lincoln – sporting a hairdo similar to Blago’s signature wild mop.

Spirit’s $9 Airfares – For Real or Just a Scam?

Spirit Ads Skewer Other Politicians, Celebrities

Spirit, best known for its $9 airfares – which wind up costing considerably more after adding in taxes, fees and the hefty $9 Fare Club dues – also had fun with one-time presidential contender Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 financial plan (“American can’t wait until 2012, try our 9-9-9 Vacation Plan!”).

Then there was Spirit’s tasteless spoof of former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s texting scandal (“Have You Seen Our Weiner?”) and, in Dec. 2009, the carrier exploited the troubles of a famous golfer with its “Eye of the Tiger” sale.

Spirit Hit with Fine for Advertising Violations

As far as the “Blago” sale goes, the $14 fares will not be available after today (Dec. 9) and the tagline urges customers to act fast – “You don’t want to get convicted for missing this seat-selling sale!”


Published: December 9, 2011