Spirit Airlines Makes Consumerist's 'Sweet 16' of Worst Companies

For the past half-dozen years, Consumerist has been winning fans with its annual Worst Company in America contest which neatly coincides with the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The site asks its readers to vote, and this year, they voted to include Spirit Airlines.

By the way, the company doesn’t have to be U.S. owned, merely operating here.

Spirit’s War Against the U.S.

Spirit Beats Out Delta

The low-cost carrier convincingly beat out Delta Air Lines (nearly 57 percent to 43 percent) to land a favored spot in the poll’s sweet 16 which puts it in pretty good company alongside the likes some of America’s best companies – at least in terms of their ability to make money. Customer satisfaction may be another story.

[Keep reading to see which other companies are ‘worst’ – and why Spirit made the cut!]

From round one: Best Buy vs. Target (winner: Best Buy in a romp); Comcast vs. DirecTV (winner: Comcast in a landslide); U.S. Postal Service vs. Facebook (winner: Facebook in an avalanche).

Spirit’s Latest Fee for ‘Unintended Consequences’

Why Spirit is Included in ‘Worst Company’ Tourney

A rep for Spirit told the Sun-Sentinel that Consumerist’s voters must not fly the carrier because “our customers vote with their feet and our flights are full.”

Perhaps so, but those who do vote have plenty to say about the airline’s fee for carry-on bags and its new two dollar “Unintended Consequences Fee” which was the result of the airline’s displeasure with the Department of Transportation’s new consumer protections.

But Spirit’s days as a worst company contender seem to be coming to an end.

Bag Says, Goodbye to Spirit’s Carryon Fee

Spirit No Match for Ticketmaster

Spirit’s latest contest is a tough one: apparently, the budget airline is proving to be no match for the mighty Ticketmaster, which delivered a body blow to the Florida-based airline with 80 percent of the votes for worst company.

But who will win? Last year’s title holder: BP – British Petroleum.


Published: March 26, 2012