Southwest to Offer Football, Baseball Games via Wi-Fi but Bring Your Own Screen

Super Bowl XLVI is just a memory now – a terrific one for the Giants – but there’s good news for NFL-deprived fans who will be flying Southwest this fall when play resumes.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting  Southwest Airlines will “soon” begin streaming live video of professional football. Baseball, too. UPDATE: A Southwest spokesman tells FareCompare, “We’re rolling out additional Wi-Fi capabilities in the next couple of months.”

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BYOWFES: Bring Your Own Wi-Fi-Enabled Screen

There’s only one catch: you’ll have to bring your own screen – either a laptop or mobile device that’s Wi-Fi-ready. None of Southwest’s planes offer seatback screens or any other viewing options.

Southwest’s in-flight internet provider, a company called Row 44, has made deals with the NFL and major league baseball to show games live, and it’ll cost passengers an estimated $5 fee for the connection.

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150 Southwest Planes are Wired for Games

The streaming sports video will not be available on every plane, though. Only about 150 of Southwests 737s are Wi-Fi ready, but more are gearing up.

Maybe just in time for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.


Published: February 6, 2012