Southwest, JetBlue to Join Fast Security Pre-Check Program

According to a media reports, both JetBlue and Southwest Airlines are poised to join the TSA’s Pre-Check program which offers a faster security experience for some passengers. Note the word, “some”. There’s always a catch right? But nothing too difficult.

So where are these Pre-Check airports?

What’s the Catch

Pre-Check airline passengers are invited by their carrier to participate – and those currently taking part include Alaska, American, Delta, Hawaiian, United, US Airways and Virgin America. Also, these passengers are almost always elite miles members. However, the TSA is opening it up to even more travelers for a fee of just $17 per year.


According to its Facebook page, New York-based JetBlue will join Pre-Check in late 2013. We have contacted the airline for more information and will update when we hear from them. It’s been a busy year for the airline, what with rolling out high-speed Wifi and the upcoming launch of the new Mint – first class, cross-country flights – set to debut in June 2014.


A spokesperson for the Dallas-based airline told FareCompare, “Southwest will have PreCheck beginning next month. We?ll have details out in a couple of weeks.” And we will expand on this when those details are revealed.

Note: JetBlue and Southwest share something else besides upcoming ‘membership’ in the Pre-Check program; both are the only remaining U.S. airlines to offer checked-bags for free. 

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What is Pre-Check?

Pre-Check means a faster security experience: Shoes stay on, and there’s no need to remove jackets or take laptops out of cases. Travelers have called it a brilliant idea.

Participating Airports and Other Information

Pre-Check is now offered at scores of airports throughout the country and you can see a complete list here. Note: Travelers can also participate by signed up for Global Entry, which is a steal at just $100 for 5 years.


Published: October 21, 2013